Monday, January 5, 2009

You knew it was bound to show up sooner or later...

The aforementioned "resolution" post. Its kind of a gimmee blog post for one and all and who am I to sneer in the face of a suitable topic? Everyone has a blog subject as soon as that big hand hits the 12 on New Years Eve, so here's mine:

In no particular order:

  • Sigh... go back to drinking non-carbonated beverages except on certain occasions which I deem admissible; like a Noss on fight nights. Otherwise, back to mix-ins. Boy am I looking forward to the caffeine withdrawals. Did I mention that I'm drinking a Mountain Dew as I read this??? I'll start riiiight after this...
  • Read some more books. My goal is to get out of my usual comfort zone of thriller/horroresque books and read different genres. I started a bit this summer. I went from Stephen King to Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. That was a shock to the system. Next up? Perhaps a good romance. ::shudder:: Anyone have some great recommendations?
  • Be more responsible financially. Yeah that shirt is SUPER cute, but do I REALLY need it? Wouldn't I be better served to spend the money on camera equipment which in turn can make me more money? Ugh... that's so hard sometimes, like most of our society I'm all about instant gratification.
  • Continue to get better at photography and editing. That means getting out there even though its freezing and just taking pictures. This is a bit harder since my usual partner in crime (my sissy) is a little bit busy nowadays. So here's some notice, I may beg and pander to get some of you out and shooting.
  • Get back to being semi-active despite the fact that its winter. I go into 'slug' mode when it gets cold. NO Kim, I still feel the same way about going to yoga with you. The thought alone makes me suicidal. Heh. Maybe you'd like to go scrapbooking....
  • Become a better golfer. Perhaps trim off 5-10 strokes off the ole game this year. Hey maybe I could learn to putt half decent? I'm optimistic, but I'm also practical. I'm not going to be totally sad if this doesn't happen, after all its still fun trying.
  • Remember to not take all the family and friends I love for granted. Remember they don't HAVE to be there, they are there cause they love me back and I should treat them like it. Spend more time with people I care about. APPRECIATE WHAT AND WHO I HAVE!!
I think that's a pretty good start and those goals should keep me pretty busy this year (I'm an underachiever okay? Sheesh, the no Pepsi alone is going to be a major test of this gal's self control). What are some of yours?

Oh and very lastly... Take the Great Blog Off trophy for 2009


SuziQ said...

Wait a minute, I have been practically BEGGING to go take pictures with you!

Lore said...

It looks like you will fail at at least one of those resolutions... I have no intention of losing (not loosing it either) the Great Blog Off! I am just giving you a head start!

liesel said...

wow... You're giving up PEPSI??!! seriously? Good luck to you in that massive endeavor.

Shamelessly said...

Suzi... I know and we WILL. Just as soon as we both are off work in daylight, the munchkin is being watched, its good weather, and Randy or Ben isn't wanting to do something!! Bwa ha. That's going to be easy huh? lol.

Lore... Please, the only reason you won last year is you had a working computer and DRAMA. Yeah. What now huh? what now?

Liesel.. I think of it more like a sabatical, or a hiatus from my favorite beverage. When I am being good and can control myself again, I MAY on occasion indulge in one. ::Sigh::

R and A said...

Sorry I missed seeing you guys when we were out there. We'll try again in the summer when we come out. I love your new years resolutions...especially the golf one. Hee hee.