Tuesday, December 16, 2008

all good things must come to a bitter, tragic end

As this year starts nearing to a close I've been looking back on some things and seeing which matters went well and which veered completely off course and crashed into a truck carrying crates of chickens.

One thing in particular that didn't go quite as I expected was The Great Blog Off. Initially started as a contest between Stubborn Foodie and myself and then expanding to include my sissy, Easily Amused, and my lovely friend Cheesy Goodness; the Great Blog Off was a competition to see who could post the most blogs throughout the year. Who would have thought that my sister would murder us all in the posts category? Even more shocking to me was the fact that Cheesy was in fact very deeply hedged in the second place spot with me bringing up a distant third and Foodie who was the "original" blogger so far behind I couldn't even smell her usual scent of baked goods.

Now I know that Foodie and I can both cry foul with our computer issues but in the end we really did just get out-blogged by the two people that I thought would do it the LEAST. So bravo to my sister and Cheesy!! You two win the prize!! (Just as soon as I get a suitable loveliness).

So now that I have tasted defeat---and it tastes like bile--who wants in on the next years GREAT Blog Off??? We'll start fresh and on equal ground on January 1st. I think we'll all be back to working computers, and we have some time to be thinking of fun posts as the start date approaches. Remember its all about quantity, not quality people (ok so if you want people to actually read it that might be flip-flopped). So hop on the band wagon. Remember its a win win, the more people who participate the more posts you have to read, besides everyone needs GOALS. It will motivate you! If you've just been a lurker as of late and thinking about starting to blog or just slacking on your posts, now's the time!!
PS... You're all still tagged. Please refer to previous post!!


Amber said...

Tracy, I love your argyle background and your blog. I think I'll start asking questions at the end of my posts also. Maybe that way someone will comment (ha ha). The great blog off sounds like fun.

The Ridgeways said...

You crack me up. Is Lore enjoying the glory?

Lore said...

The joy is in sharing your blog with friends, not in winning.
So what do I get???