Monday, October 18, 2010

PGA Tour fashion secrets and further musings

As I have mentioned in the past, my guy is a really big golf fan. This means at my house I spend a lot of time watching golf on TV. Its not as bad as it sounds. When you have an appreciation for the game by having played it, you can really enjoy it. However, when some of the bigger names that I'm a fan of aren't playing it can sometimes still be a bit boring. One of the things that I have seen change over the years is fashion on the PGA. All the big names have their own lines or looks they wear day in and day out. A lot of the younger players coming on tour have their own unique looks and are trying to modernize the fashion on tour and make a name for themselves.

Case in point, Mister Rickie Fowler:

I just have a few musings on this...

1. ...since when does Justin Beeber golf????

2. I didn't know Puma sponsored penal systems.

3. And, mmmm... Cheetos.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reverting back to childhood--and not in a good way

Yesterday I fell down.
Yes literally fell to my hands and knees and made a hole in my pants and skinned my knee.  I fell hard.  I had immediate flashbacks to childhood.  I don't remember the last time I actually fell down.  Luckily I feel that in most cases I am not very clumsy.  It was an unfortunate moment that was unfortunately witnessed.
I was handing a sign up a ladder to a young man who is a work associate of mine.  This young man, it is important to note, while being a generally outgoing guy, turns absolute shades of red when any bodily functions or female anatomy is discussed in any form in his presence (at least by women).  After handing him the sign I promptly began to walk away.  My foot caught the far side of the ladder and I launched awkwardly into space and then collided roughly with the floor.
Me:(after falling)  Seriously?  Owww.
Young Man:  Oh that sucked.  I thought you were gonna catch yourself.
Me:(shaking head in disbelief and horror seeing the hole in my pants--yes add insult to injury why don't you?)  So did I.  Soooo did I.
Young Man:  Well...  I guess that's what happens when you're top heavy.
Little Jerk.  Insert drum roll here. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Well... there's an app for that.. Fav of the week.

In August I finally joined the smart phone revolution. I LOOOOVE it. Before you have one you think to yourself, "I don't NEED all that" but after you get it you think something more along the lines of "If you take it away I'll probably dieeee".

I got a Samsung Galaxy S phone. At T-Mobile it is called a Vibrant but all major companies have them. Its the bomb yo. The screen is amazing, I have my own built in GPS which came in unbelievably handy while driving cross country this summer, it has an AMAZING camera on it, I surf the net and check my business email, and it has all kinds of fun applications available--for free. Seriously, me and my Vibrant are going steady. Its getting pretty serious.

Randy likes to joke that I am not using my phone's full capabilities (much like my brain I suppose) because I haven't downloaded very many apps and that I should probably just trade him so that my poor mistreated phone can reach it's full potential. Yeeeah... not so much.

He had a point however, so the other day I was shopping around the Android Market and found my favorite app to date. I always have my phone on vibrate. I find it sorta embarrassing when my phone starts to blare Paramore while I'm standing in line at the grocery store or when I'm in the middle of a shoot. So vibrate it is--and usually this is just perfect for my needs. However, there is one time when vibrate on the old phone is woefully inadequate: when I've gone and lost it.

Ever tried to find a lost phone when you can't call it to hear it ringing?? Difficult? Yes. Annoying? Always. That's where the "Where's my Droid?" app comes in. You send your phone a pre-programmed text saying whatever you like, it turns your ringer on to the highest setting and starts to ring. When you find it, it automatically returns to its original settings. REJOICE!

Maybe not quite as cute as the Light Saber app, but definitely more practical.

The only drawback I have found is you have to either test it out alone OR make sure the person you have text the "secret message" to your phone is trustworthy. Mine started wailing as I drove down Parley's Canyon going 80 and nearly scaring the bejeebers out of me. Thanks again Randy.

Oh... and sorry Lady in the next lane. :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

If you would never pay to have photos of your family taken---then I feel sorry for you

Because you miss out on moments like this... This picture of my sister and my nephew literally made me cry. Hormones and a nasty case of PMS aside... I just think it captures a mother's strength and amazing love for her children (at least until they become teenagers). I heart it.

Ohhh.... This is all too true... and that is why I find it soooo funny

I stole this from Julie Parker. Its a little weird with the way the computer reads the text, but you'll get the point. Right? Also, I know that after not posting anything in a millennium that posting a video is highly suspect and a complete cop-out---but I don't care. I am too busy and important. (LOLs!)