Monday, October 11, 2010

Ohhh.... This is all too true... and that is why I find it soooo funny

I stole this from Julie Parker. Its a little weird with the way the computer reads the text, but you'll get the point. Right? Also, I know that after not posting anything in a millennium that posting a video is highly suspect and a complete cop-out---but I don't care. I am too busy and important. (LOLs!)


SuziQ said...

Yes, annoying computer voices but funny all the same. I hope I'm not as bad a client as that!

ShamelessPhotography said...

Suzi, no one really is I hope!! You do hear things like this all the time, just not to this extreme. Luckily! There were certainly a few I could totally relate to but I laughed out loud on.. "My mother can help change the kids. She will take pictures behind you in case yours don't turn out". Bwa ha ha... that and "My sister hates the beard so you will have to Photoshop it out."