Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reverting back to childhood--and not in a good way

Yesterday I fell down.
Yes literally fell to my hands and knees and made a hole in my pants and skinned my knee.  I fell hard.  I had immediate flashbacks to childhood.  I don't remember the last time I actually fell down.  Luckily I feel that in most cases I am not very clumsy.  It was an unfortunate moment that was unfortunately witnessed.
I was handing a sign up a ladder to a young man who is a work associate of mine.  This young man, it is important to note, while being a generally outgoing guy, turns absolute shades of red when any bodily functions or female anatomy is discussed in any form in his presence (at least by women).  After handing him the sign I promptly began to walk away.  My foot caught the far side of the ladder and I launched awkwardly into space and then collided roughly with the floor.
Me:(after falling)  Seriously?  Owww.
Young Man:  Oh that sucked.  I thought you were gonna catch yourself.
Me:(shaking head in disbelief and horror seeing the hole in my pants--yes add insult to injury why don't you?)  So did I.  Soooo did I.
Young Man:  Well...  I guess that's what happens when you're top heavy.
Little Jerk.  Insert drum roll here. 


Anonymous said...

lol that sucks!

liesel said...

not little jerk, BIG jerk! when your dignity crashes with you.. ;)

Lore said...

ROFLAO... I wish I got all that when I saw the picture you sent to me on my phone. That is funny right there. In front of your favorite person too... that sucks!