Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's that noise? It sounds like.. a bucket being kicked.

January 10, marked the 30th birthday of my good friend Foodie and with it the last time that she can in all good conscience, pretend that she's some spring chicken while I am old. I won't lie, turning thirty is only slightly less cool then shoulder pads, crimped hair, and currently being a CEO of a domestic auto company. So since its such a crappy, er I mean special occasion I decided we better go to dinner and celebrate!

We went to Taifoon at the Gateway, which is an Asian restaurant. The food was pretty good, the portions big enough to share, the waitress was horrible, and the bathrooms were apparently "awesome". Just ask the birthday hag--I mean girl. (Love you Sugar Britches!)

I'm n
ot so sure I agree with the bathroom assessment as when I was in there I heard the chick in the stall next to me putting the seat back down.

That may have tainted my view a little bit.

Other then that small incident I had a pretty great time. I got to catch up with everyone and see what they have been up to. Randy picked up dinner and I got Amber that Backstreet Boy book she's been wanting and an extra-large, lime green, slinky nighty. Oh and a down comforter. I think she was pretty happy with all of that. Specially the nighty.

Oh and if and of you were wondering how the ole New Year's Resolutions were going... check out the last picture!! Bwa Ha ha.

*Please note*
It was a PARTY. Don't judge me. Gosh.


SuziQ said...

I want pics! Looks like there were some great ones.

Such a fun night, thanks for including us! :)

FOODIE said...

Yeah, thanks for the post, thanks for the dinner, and oh yeah...thanks for the bucket kicking experience at dinner. I tell you what, now that I am old, I better start getting better luck at these restaurants or there will be HELL to pay!!!

SuziQ said...

I think we just have bad luck with birthday dinners in general, it's no one's bad luck in particular. I mean, remember back to the whole Cheesecake Factory fiasco? Nuff said.