Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Get your freak on... geriatric style

If you wouldn't mind, please view the following video, and we'll get down to business.

The Villages. A retirement community. If you ever watch golf you've seen this commercial a hundred times. I recently stumbled onto a news story about it that was a little old but it was new to me. It seems that in the last five years at the Villages, sexually transmitted diseases including herpes, chlamydia, and gonorrhea have ran rampant.

What's that??? Grandpappy and all his "ladyfriends" are doing the nasty???

A lot?? And... irresponsibly?

OK so part of me sorta is repulsed by this idea, part of me finds the whole thing horribly amusing, and you know what? The other part of me is thrilled that when I'm 78 I may still wanna shake my groove thing with my old gheezer cause although he may be old, he's "gonna be spry".

They blame the spread of disease on Viagra, lack of sexual education, and no fear of pregnancy. Apparently there have been cases of couples being caught playing a little nineteenth hole in their golfcarts, and skinny dipping in the community pools at eight in the morning. How would you like to be the kid visiting Granny and Pa Pa and running out to the pool, towell in hand only to be acosted with the sight of Mae and Benny playing bubbles in the hot tub?

Frightening, frightening prospect.

Personally, acts of public nudity and exhibitionism aside, I say you go boys and girls. I think they should have some maturation MATURATION programs, perhaps a bit of sex ed. classes available, maybe some strict golf cart/hokeypokey guidelines, a no-black-market Levitra campaign, but other then that I feel that they are adults and should enjoy their twilight years as they wish.

Responsibly of course. And with the blinds closed, please. Little Petey is visiting.


liesel said...

I just peed my pants a little. Out of fear or laughter we'll never know. Probably both.

Shamelessly said...

You know, those old folks could prolly give you a couple tips about disappointing accidents like that. I'm just saying.

The Ridgeways said...

Seriously your posts are the highlight of the week! OH MY! I have not laughed that hard in ages.

Lore said...

Wow, I didn’t know you and Randy were looking at moving. I mean Randy is a BIT older than you are and you both like golf, but it is so far away, I would miss you. Besides you are so young, Randy would have some stiff competition.

Shamelessly said...


*cough* Youre right Lore. Better keep it close. Maybe Arizona.

liesel said...

LOL.... You crack me up!

SuziQ said...

LMAO! Note to self: stop reading T's blog while at work.