Friday, January 2, 2009

Holiday highlights... or lowlights. I'm just sayin.

So without further ado:

2: Instances that new Baby Cameron got beamed in the head. Once with a binky, the second with a fun-size Snickers. I admit the former was my fault. My sister asked me to throw it to her and it went a bit wide. At first Cam just laid there with a glazed look on his face, then he blinked and started to cry.

Lore: "Oh I'm sorry, Aunt T is so mean isn't she?? Yes she iiiiis."
Me: "Whatever!! If your mom loved you she would have protected you!"

4: The number of times Randy shoveled the walk on the day I affectionately refer to as, "WhythecrapdoIliveinthisforsakenplaceanyway Day" where we got nearly 18 inches of snow. Excessive? Perhaps, but maybe you should ask our neighbors who got stuck in their own driveway. Bwa ha ha. Suckas.

100,000.000: The approximate number of calories I consumed while eating chicken tetrazzini, fettuccine alfredo, shrimp, pie, pumpkin bread, homemade candies, and all manner of good things in the last couple weeks. You know what? Lets just use that same number for "pounds gained on thighs" as well.

2: The number of SWEET computer accessories to add to my equally sweet new set up. My loving parents got me new Bose speakers that make Itunes and Pandora about ten times more addictive and my wonderful sissy got me a Bamboo Fun. I'm still working on mastering that but it should be good times while editing photos.

3: Vehicles Randy had to get out of snow drifts.

20+: Times I wanted to pick up Kyle and just hug the cuteness out of him while he was wearing his Ironman/Incredible Hulk pajamas and attempting to clock Randy. He's a boy after my own heart!

23: Inches in diameter the pizza we got from The Pie Pizzeria was for fight night. Best pizza in Utah. Hands down. Don't even try to front.

1: Good look at Randy wearing the "Traditional Pass-Around, Red Leopard Print Victoria's Secret Christmas PJ's". Usually a tradition exclusively exercised by my sister and I, this year she hid them in Randy's gift and much to the chagrin of us both, he donned the never-before-worn lovelies.

1:Times too many seeing Randy in the "Traditional Pass-Around, Red Leopard Print Victoria's Secret Christmas PJ's."

2: Number of bottles of D&G's Light blue I received, one from my sissy and one from my Dad. I'm thrilled and I smell SOOO good.

4: Times more movies we have watched since getting the new flat screen. I can'
t explain it. Your eyes glaze over and it sucks you in. Who'd have though I would be seduced by technology so?

30: Dollars w
orth of Itunes cards I got from Cheesy and 100 blank Cd's from Foodie. The trend-whore in me is so pleased.

3: Chocolate-cake-in-a-mug attempts. Two were horrible. One was bearable. Zero were worth the acc
ompanied calorie consumption. ::le sigh::

100+: Onces of Pepsi I have consumed in the last month or so. A matte
r I will surely regret in the forthcoming resolution post.

4: Hou
rs spent at the house by the Direct TV guy when he was setting up our new HD dish and receiver. I thought he'd moved in.

50+: Occurrences that prompted my eye to start twitching while driving this holiday season. What other factor could we add to un-plowed-blizzard-covered roads and explosive numbers of holiday shoppers?? The cell phone. Frustration and foul language ensue.

1: New photographers in the family when Courtney got a her first (adorable) camera for Christmas.

A Gazillion: Amount of thanks and well wishes I would like to give all my friends and family members! I hope you had as memorable a holiday as I did! Thanks for reading my blog and leaving comments. You guys are the best!


liesel said...

Happy holidays back, T! I like the not-so-subtle thanks for leaving a comment ploy! (good idea, people SUCK at leaving comments lately!)
Love the Randy pic in the VS jammas, seriously, that is priceless. Have fun with your bamboo... let me know how you like it. (I've been thinking about getting one.)

Shamelessly said...

So far the Bamoboo is kind of fun but its really more novelty. So far there isn't much I would use it for that I couldn't use a mouse for just as easily. Who knows? Things may change as I get better at using it.

The Ridgeways said...

Seriously . . . Does Randy know he is out the web in those pj's????? I am still busting up. I sure love you and your great sense of humor. Happy New Year!

FOODIE said...

I feel I must correct you on your first paragraph. I also hit baby Cameron with a snickers on New Years Eve! Other than that...please remove the insanity that is blinding me with randy in those jammies!

Lore said...

I am so glad you posted the picture of Randy, I did not dare! If I get up the guts I do have the other one in the VS Cami that is oh so good.
BTW Cameron is recovering from the blows to his head.

Shamelessly said...

Foodie, I was speaking of your incident. Follow along! Sheesh!

As for Randy and his jammies... er THE jammies, I cannot take it off for it must live forever in infamy!! Mahahahaha!!