Thursday, January 29, 2009

McRib is a McMystery to me

Why in the name of all things holy does McDonalds act like its doing the nation some kind of favor when it decides to bring the McRib back for a limited time? I mean.. are there people out there who wait breathlessly for a pork molded into rib shape (including the bones ::shudder::) sandwich? Do they lick the wrapper free of all dripped, tangy, barbecue sauce remains?

Now I can get behind a barbecued pork sandwich. Sure why not? And yeah this IS pork. Unfortunately the term "pork" can refer to ANY and or ALL parts of the pig. Hey at least we don't dress a hamburger up like anything else. We know what sort of risks we're taking--after all the definition of hamburger is ground beef. We don't press the hamburger into the shape of a T-Bone and call it the McSteak.

So why??? What would possess anyone to eat this?? And why the big advertisement campaign like this is an item that will be undoubtedly missed by millions as they cry big BBQ tears of sadness when its taken off the menu? 'Cause there's no reason for such silliness. I remember eating almost this exact thing in elementary school. Granted it was slapped down on my tray by a scowling,plastic gloved, hair-net wearing lunch lady, but I'm telling you its pretty close to the mark. And if I remember correctly, it was pretty nasty back then too.

So don't be sad. Get hot lunch.

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