Saturday, January 31, 2009

Talk about depressing

This week a year ago I was on a trip to San Diego, then a cruise in the Mexican Riviera.

I was finding bathrooms hard to come by--specially with toilet paper and then running water.
I was hover-planing it.

I was watching the terrible practice of syrup application to cheese omelets.
I was stressing about leaving my Murano in a rental lot.
I was getting blissfully sun burnt.
I was getting ripped off by little swindlers--er I mean children in Acapulco.
I was blowing salt water out my nose after taking a thrashing by a wave and washing up on shore in a number of compromising positions in Ixtapa.
I was getting smacked in the face with flippers.

I was getting a mild case of sun stroke on a real crappy "nature hike".
I was finding sand in various unmentionable places.
I was getting seasick in the dining room and trying not to wretch in the theater.
I was cursing the weather as the winds blew so hard and cold they closed the upper decks.

I was spending a lot of time indoors watching karaoke and playing games with the old folks.
I was gaining 15 pounds on shrimp, melted chocolate cake, and unlimited sodas.
I was getting harangued by Mexican merchants trying to sell me things made in China.

You know... come to think of it---maybe I'm not AS depressed as I thought!

(Who am I kidding. Yes I am. This was a lesson in futility. I'm trying to talk myself into it.)


D said...

Don't talk it up too much. But I guess if you mentioned all the good things you would be really depressed. What a good time it was, though...

SuziQ said...

Talk about depressing...I was here in gloomy Utah while you guys were having all that fun.

Shamelessly said...

Well like I said... I was trying to talk myself OUT of the depression. I totally know that it was a blast and I had a great time, which is why I don't wanna delve into how I feel about winter at the moment. It makes me sad. Sniff.