Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Close call

The other day I saw my life flash before my eyes. Or, at the very least, the life of my Gap wool coat.

It was four days ago. I was enjoying a nice conversation with Randy and my lovely sister (blah de blah!). I was just minding my own business when suddenly---something was hurled directly at me.

It happened in the blink of an eye. The only warning was a low gurgling noise, and then the feel of heat and a strange scent.

My baby nephew Cameron had been lounging in my sisters lap about a yard from where I sat. He had spent much of the conversation cooing and making eyes at me. Obviously a ploy to lure the unsuspecting prey closer.

Without any other warning he let loose a projectile of soy scented spit up directly at me. This stuff quite literally launched from the kid. It came out so fast that it soared over the nearest--and usual target of my sister's whole lap--and flew nearly a foot farther in my direction to land with a audible hissing splat inches from me.

I lunged. Within seconds I was up the stairs on the landing shuddering, congratulating myself on dodging THAT bullet, and promising myself I'd wait till he was 2 to hold him.

Thank heaven for my cat-like reflexes.


Amber said...

I hope my children are of the non vomity variety.

Lore said...

Seriously- I don't think you even touched the floor till you were up the stairs! It was the fastest I have ever seen you move. I had no idea the motivation was to save the coat!

The Ridgeways said...

Seriously! It is just spit up people! There are much much worse things they do when they are two! Like pluck a pooh ball out of their diaper and hand it to you! Or wipe their boogs on you. Yeah I will take spit up any old time over that. UGH

Shamelessly said...

OK... One: I will never be changing a diaper and THUS will never be handed a ball-o-poo. Second: I can handle boogers. I have had an over abundance myself for the last year. I have no fear of the "boogs".

Besides Kyle is two and hasn't done either of those to me. AND he's cute as a button, AND he hasn't tried to fling vomit at me.

See? Win-win!

liesel said...

LOL... if spit up ruined clothes, I might just be forced to run around neked. ...so I for one am sure glad that it doesn't. Wool just sucks cause you'd have to dry clean it you big baby! ;)

It sure makes a difference when its your own kid too though.