Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Seven-Week-Fifteen-Pound Challenge (otherwise titled, Seriously? What am I thinking?)

Yesterday I was informed that there was a bet going on, and I could get in on it if I wanted. Its amazing the things Randy and Amber come up with via text when neither one texts me all day, but I digress.

The bet goes as follows: We (Foodie, my sister and I) have seven weeks to lose fifteen pounds. If we complete this goal Randy will pay for three nights in Park City and golf. If we lose we have to pay, PLUS food and dining out I assume since there are three of us.

I grudgingly accepted. Part of me thinks that I am going to end up shelling out some big money. I'm working extra hours now to pay for car repairs for the foreseeable future. Its cold outside. I have no workout buddy available when I am. I sold my treadmill (it didn't really fit anywhere in the house anyway). And I have a boyfriend who likes me to stay up late with him and gets pissy when I say I am tired.

Whats that smell? ::sniff sniff:: It smells like... defeat.

The only reason I decided to go ahead and get in on it is that (other then a large sum of money) the only thing I have to lose from a little motivation is some weight, right?
So note to self, load up on the following things I like and can still eat:

  • Special K protein bars, for breakfast mostly.
  • pretzels--the flat deli ones are also yummy, especially with...
  • string cheese, or...
  • Laughing Cow Light spreadable cheese wedges.
  • beef jerky (I'm a big fan of high protein /low fat stuff)
  • mix-ins
  • turkey or chicken lunch meats
  • frozen mango (comes in a big bag at Costco or Sam's Club . Its cut into squares and I think its great for that dessert craving. I eat them frozen right out of the bag)
  • Quaker Quakies, specially the honey nut and carmel kinds.
The way I figure it, I will lose weight but I will probably die from something concerning my high sodium consumption or all the aspartame, phenylalanine, and other artificial sweeteners in my water. I'll be waifishly thin and have 18 pound tumors on my butt. At least I can still eat sushi anytime I want. Maybe the mercury poisoning will get me first!


SuziQ said...

Hey, you can come visit your treadmill (or the elliptical) anytime you want. I need some motivation, too...and a workout buddy. I'm up for a walk anytime we're free at the same time.

Trint&Chanel said...

If your allowed to cheat I would recommend 5 Hour energy shots... there delightful and they sell them at Costco in a 24 pack! They might make your heart pop out of your chest but they give ya energy!

Kimberly said...

Hello---- you have a work out bubby if you want. I go every morning. You won't even need to be motivated because I can just stop and drag you butt out of bed. Oh yeah, and I don't do yoga, I know how you feel about yoga.

The Ridgeways said...

I think it is a win win for you! Either way you get to go to park city for the weekend!

liesel said...

mmmm... I love me some laughing cow cheese.

good luck!

Melissa said...

I am so going to Costco tomorrow. Yummy idea on the frozen mango. Thanks Trace!!!

D said...

I want in!!!

Lore said...

Shoot me now... I still have not started on this thing! Hey, no one DEFINED the rules, we can lose 5 each... that equals 15 right!

Shamelessly said...

Suzi, hope for better weather!! Sounds good.

Chanel, I dunno I remember those energy pills you would take at work. They always made me SICK! But maybe I'll give it a try on those mornings when I need a boost!!

Kim... don't I know it. More to come about THAT later!

Mel... yeah but one way I have to pay for it. Blah!

Liesel, I know, right?? Little wedgies of yumminess. At costco they sell them in a four back for like 8 bucks. Good deal.

Missy, good luck, I've since heard from my mom that they replaced that bag with a mixed melon one (YUCK!).

Di, you need to lose fifteen pounds like you need another coat. Which means NOT. Lolly Lolly... lol

Lore. I say go ahead and take that up with Randy...LOL

SuziQ said...

OK, I want in now...I'm down five pounds in a week. I can totally do this!