Sunday, January 11, 2009

Things have certain names for a reason..

A recent text message conversation between Randy and I:

Randy: Hey do we have the stuff you need to make meatloaf?

Me: Ugh, how would I know? I hate the stuff. I think you need breadcrumbs, so no.

Randy: How can you hate it? It's like a big hamburger!!

Me: Meat. Loaf. Meat. Loaf. Meat. LOAF. Come on, it even SOUNDS bad.

Randy: How old are you? Shape it like a big hamburger then and not a loaf.

Me: Loaf is LOAF. If it wasn't it wouldn't have all that extra crap in it and it would just be called MEAT.

Randy: Who said you had to put extra crap in it?

Me: *sigh* Well then it wouldn't be a meatloaf would it?

Randy: You can call it whatever you want.

Me: You. There's hamburger here. When you get home you can make it into, or CALL it whatever you want!

By the time he got home however, I had already decided that the hamburger was destined for better things and so was I: tacos.

Because really, meatloaf? Tell me that's not just a title that also serves as a warning. Seriously.


Lore said...

I have to agree with you on this one big time! I think mom did it to us. One bad loaf is all it takes!

SuziQ said...

I like me some meatloaf once in a while. If I make it, I'll invite Randy over. Thought it may be made with turkey, so he may not be down with that. Ben doesn't really love it, either.

liesel said...

you and your yucky words! LOL! I'll have to add 'loaf' to the list. (moist, wad, and now loaf!)

Austin loves meatloaf, and I make it every once in a blue moon. Its not that I don't like it, its just a pain to make. (It would probably be with turkey too, Suzi)

The Ridgeways said...

First of all i am freakin amazed that people have that wordy of text conversations!!!!! I would die to have to type even the first line of that!

2nd I make an awesome meatloaf, I will have to have randy over, yum yummy, I make it in a cake pan though so I can put extra sauce on top does that make it more appealing? Meat Cake anyone?

Shamelessly said...

No Meat CAKE isn't better. Meat should just not be pared with certain images. Thank you for that tho Mel.

Lore: I think it was more then just ONE loaf... I think it was ANY loaf.

Suzi: You're right, if its not with Beef I don't think he's down.

Liesel: Loaf has always been one of the words. Matter of fact it started out "moist loaf". Just saying it makes me feel dirty.

FOODIE said...

I learned to actually really like the stuff in school. We made it with a combo of ground beef and ground pork. Added a little sum'n sum'n extra to the flavor.

Tell Randy I'll come over and make it sometime if I can find the recipe. You might actually like it if I cut it so it doesn't look like a loaf after it is done!

Amber said...

I agree with you on meatloaf. It will never be good. That's okay, meat is best in Cheeseburger form anyway.