Friday, February 29, 2008

Mac envy

So Apple has these fun commercials where two actors play Mac and PC. PC is played by a short, chubby awkward guy with glasses and Mac is played by actor Justin Long who is strangely cool without looking like he tries very hard. The campaign is pretty witty and smart and I think they really connect with people. I think they are pretty humorous and I always stop my Tivo in mid fast forward to watch if I think its new.

Unfortunately, my computer is a short chubby awkward guy with devil horns, a spiked tail, pitchfork and a bad sense of humor. His name is Dell. I hate Dell. I'm pretty sure Dell hates me. I've never actually come out and asked because we don't talk much. We're not friends. Dell is overly dramatic, stubborn and slow. I'm very demanding and bossy. We just don't mesh but we are forced to spend long amounts of time together and it makes us both hot under the collar and frustrated.

Dell sometimes refuses to charge even though we had a big to do about it once before. We got Dell a new battery and supply cord. We were very cordial. I promised to be nicer, but it all began to fall apart soon after that. Dell gets mad and charges intermittently when he feels like it, on and off, over and over, and the now the battery lasts half as long as it should. Sometimes Dell won't charge at all and we have to beg, plead, and cajole till he's done being a drama queen.

Recently Dell got a virus. He blamed it on us. Granted our virus protection was frighteningly low but that's because when we do have it set to the full protection he gets lazy. Dell starts taking ten minutes to get his lazy butt up and another five to get us on to the internet. I think he feels safe so he messes with us. Since then Dell has been a real snot; freezing pages or taking an eternity to load. I've had it up to here.

Randy hates when I complain about Dell. He figures if I hate Dell so much I should just go and buy a new desk top. That's great I'd love to do that but unfortunately I have my heart set on Mac. He's cute, and stylish and ohhhh so cool. He's really artistic and would be great for a photographer like myself. Unfortunately, Mac is also pricey. So I am saving and its gonna take me some time. I want the works. Dell and I will just have to get along for a while longer. In the mean time we will resort to some petty taunting. Randy has already started. Check out Dell's sweet decals.

He's pissed.


Just me said...

Poor Dell, he will never be as good as Mac and you won't let him forget it either. What can I say, I gave my kids our Dell, now I just use an IBM. I can't complain, I did'nt have to pay for it.

SuziQ said...

You can come drool over Ben's Mac when it gets long as you promise not to get drool ON it. I'm happy as long as I have a computer that works!

Shamelessly said...

I can always hope that Ben will HATE his Mac passionately and will want to sell it. Hope hard.