Monday, March 3, 2008

I hate to be hard on any of our sex, but there it is

This morning I started on my way to work and was almost to the onramp when I saw one of my absolute favorite things.

The woman in the car directly in front of me on this stop and go road was applying mascara while driving.
Its things like this that allow men to say things like, "stupid woman drivers". I got so incensed I may have called her some not so nice things under my breath. Ok I said, "may" just then. That's not true, I DID. I said lots of not so nice things about her and maybe not so under my breath either.

I can't think of anything more stupid. I am a texter as I mentioned in a past blog. But I will wait till I get at a light before I start pounding buttons. Randy makes fun of me for my refusal to text on the freeway. Please... I'm not an idiot.

That woman was an idiot. How can you possibly even pretend to say you could still watch the road when you are looking in the mirror AT your eye and trying to avoid sticking a brush into your pupil? Unless she had super sensory powers of depth perception or walleyes that move independently of each other she is just the type of female that makes the rest of us look bad.

So mascara applying lady, where ever you are. I hope for all our sakes you give yourself a nice big poke in the cornea someday and then maybe you will rethink your bad decision and become a respectable member of society.


D said...

LOL! That is awesome. I will say that since I bought a new car I only text at lights as well. And sometimes just not at all when I am driving. It's way too risky.

Shamelessly said...

Its amazing how having something new and spendy can make you change your priorities isn't it?

And all along you just thought I was nuts!

Pam's Blog said...

I died laughing when I read this post. I must say it was, Hilarious!

Yeah, I hear ya about the I can't stand idiots remark, and also I do hope she does get that big poke in her cornea.