Thursday, March 20, 2008

technical difficulties and then some...

So lately posting on the blog has been kind of tough. Dell has finally found a way to keep us off the internet. We're not sure how he's done it but so far he has successfully thwarted our efforts to reestablish domination. We can't figure out the problem and have called MSN and Quest. MSN actually told Randy after two hours that they couldn't do anything else for him. I have been posting at my sister's home. Dell is looking really rather smug.

I hate him.

On another note I too have been in and out of commission. It seems that a practice that I have so far been quite proud of has gotten me into some trouble. I call it "holding it" and I felt it was a pretty good ability to have. It seems that you can hold it too long unfortunately and Sunday night it caught up to me. I managed to get a full blown urinary tract infection. Cool huh? That's how good I am. I figured if I am any type of blog writer I can poke fun at this too, so I came up with some pros and cons to go with my current condition.

Pro: Have had 4 consecutive days off in a row.
Con: Spend a good chunk of that 4 days writhing in bed while it felt that my kidney had shrunken up like a nuked potato. Was also peeing or wanting to pee every fourteen seconds.

Pro: Have a new glimmer of hope. While visiting the doctor to see if I would die, I also have another crack at the sinus infection that has been the bane of my existence for three months.
Con: The pharmaceutical cocktail that the doctor set me up with to combat both infections found me heaped on the floor in front of the register, crying, over the 150 dollar drug bill.

Pro: New drug I have received makes me pee bright orange. After the initial shock of finding that I am a living breathing Tang dispenser I decided its cool. I'm easily amused. I have no other excuse.
Con: For a bit I couldn't think of a con for this sweet side effect. Then I found that it can also color tears and in turn permanently discolor my soft contact lenses. Okey Dokey.

So there is just a little bit of what I have been up to. Here's hoping that the next time you have four days off they are a little better then mine!


Just me said...

Wow Sissy, sounds like you've had it rough, wanna switch lives for a bit??

Oh BTW, you can barrow my IBM anytime you wanna and I have a bathroom near by so you don't have to hold it.

Lucky-UnluckyOne said...

Ha! I'll trade you my 10 days off for your 4!?