Sunday, March 9, 2008

any place Kevin Bacon worked is A-OK with me

Today I baked.

I never bake. I cook. As a matter of fact I have said on numerous occasions how much I hate to bake. Cooking is more fun. You can experiment. You can toss a little of this in, toss in a little of that. Baking, if you toss in a little more of this or substitute a little of that instead you end up with something globular, bitter, and strangely deformed. I'm sure my friend Lucky remembers our very brief stint as makers of meringue and sugar cookies. Folks, the meringue ended up looking like overly tanned inverted nipples. They were strangely chewy and I won't even start on how it tasted. Bakers need to be precise. I'm not. Thats why I'm not left brained.

They probably enjoy math too. Yuck.

Today I diverged strangely out of my usual path and made some raspberry muffins. They were GOOD. They had these lovely little cinammon and suger crumbles on the top. I was very pleased with myself. They came out of a bag. Oh how I love Lehi Roller Mills. Way to help out a not-a-baker guys! I figure these are just as good if not better then any made by those baking snobs that think anything out of a box is trash. I have had muffins from a bakery that paled in comparison. The Roller Mills also make the best pumpkin bundt cake EVER.

So, the point is, I will continue to take the easy way out. I like what I get from it and it saves me a lot of work, mess and irritation. For all else... I have a Stubborn Foodie.

Is there anything out there that makes your life so much easier and yet tastes so good that its just not right?? What are your favorite time savers cooking, baking or otherwise? Don't hold out on the rest of us!


SuziQ said...

I don't have any big secrets, but I do love making things that are semi-homemade...use lots of cans and premade stuff but kinda tjusz it up, in the words of Rachael Ray!

Lucky-UnluckyOne said...

I only have one thing to say...
Pre-made Cheesecake Filling!!!!
OMG! I'm in heaven! Graham Cracker crust? Who the hell needs it? Spoon, tub-o-filling and the couch. Mmmmm....

Shamelessly said...

oh... you are so bad.