Friday, March 7, 2008

I am one who baby-sits

Recently I watched over my good friend Lucky's baby boy while she went down to St George for some business. The little guy is named Trevor. He is ADORABLE! She calls him Bubba. I call him Little Man. What he is, is a complete joy. He's smart. He listens. He's pretty clean. He eats good. He's a cuddler. He's got great manners, She dresses him in the cutest clothes. And he has got the most prescious black mustache.

Granted that last part sounds a bit odd, but thats because Trevor is a Mini Schnauzer.

We had a dog from the time I was 3 til the time I was 21. I love dogs. I'm a true sucker for puppies and I only wish I knew a breeder just so they would let me come over and lay in piles of little tuna-breathed litters for a couple hours everyday. Thats my idea of a real stress reliever right there. So the question is, why don't I have one of my own? Well there was a time there where Randy and I trolled the KSL site everynight looking for a breed that would suit us. Finally after a lot of thought we just decided that we didn't have the time to spend with a dog and it wouldn't be fair to us or the new member of the family. I always feel bad for that little guy that has gotten attached to his "people" only to get abandoned at a shelter. I resolved that would NEVER be me.

So once again, I must live vicariously through others.

While Trevor stayed with me we played fetch a lot. We layed on the couch and vedged a lot. We had some tug o'war going on. We went on lots of rides. We cuddled and snored together, Understandably it was a little weird turning the lights low and getting the Marvin Gaye on with a dog staring at you, but Randy and I dealt with it, which means Trevor and I snuggled together and slept blissfully and Randy complained a lot for three days.

Unfortunately after spending so much time with Trevor I desperately want to steal him. Is dog theft a felony? So here's to Lucky for training such a well mannered little gentleman. You did an outstanding job. Now, when are you leaving again?


Lucky-UnluckyOne said...

Thanks for the shout out! You can watch Bubba anytime!!! You should get a little girl Schnauzer and then you could lay in piles of puppies all the time!!!

Just me said...

I'd rather babysit Trevor than my friends kids, he listens better.

Shamelessly said...

Not to mention he is quite a bit cuter.