Wednesday, March 12, 2008

attention lurkers

I started this blog both as a fun way to keep in touch with family and friends and also as a way to meet new ones (friends that is, unfortunately, I'm stuck with the family lol). Maybe to show off the occassional picture or two when I was feeling real proud of myself or needed a good ego stroking. I write it to exchange fun ideas or just to have someone to comiserate when I needed a good ranting. I like to hear good recipes, or funny stories, or see cute kid pictures.

You know, the usual stuff.

The problem is I need more commenters and less lurkers! Comments are fun guys! I like comments! Even if I don't know you and you just happened to wander by from a friend's blog, if you have an opinion about something written... tell me. I don't mind. I like to hear people's insight.

And to all of my internet or blog retarded friends who are scared of this new fangled technology stuff (Frazier, I speak unto you!) its really easy. I have made my comments so that you don't need an account, google, blogger or otherwise. Click on the comments under the entry and just hit the 'other' key and put in your name. However, the whole blog thing is really easy to set up and if Di can do it anyone can! Yes, that was a cheap shot at my good friend at Cheesy Goodness, but I repay it with a plug, see?

So guys... I'm gonna look real sad and pathetic if I don't get any comments on this thing. I'll be that poor unpopular blogging girl. So give me a shout out!! And if your late no biggie, I'll know when I have a comment.

In the mean time I want to thank all that joined my little blogging family. I felt so proud inside. Here I was, spreading like an infectious rash, or a case of TB. If you have a blog or a website, let me know, I would love to link it.

Peace out.


Just me said...

How can I not comment now?? Thank-you for opening the world of blog to me, I own my site all to you. Your pictures do rock, I have to admit that.


Lucky-UnluckyOne said...

Hey Dork! I think that your site is the main hub for everyone in our little group! If we don't check ours first we all pretty much check yours! I'll have to admit, it is kinda nice bein' "in the loop" now days with my site and all! Whether you guys like it or not!

Shamelessly said...

Love you in the loop NERD.
I actually really dig our little blog circle. Its fun to hear what is going on with people and vice versa. Glad you're on board!

SuziQ said...

Ditto Krissy, you're the middle of the wheel, baby! LOL