Tuesday, March 18, 2008

bitterness ensues

Can someone, anyone, PLEASE tell me what this is about?!? I mean seriously?

What IS this???

Why is it that whenever I buy a candy that has multiple flavors in the package I get a shocking lack of the best flavor?? ONE green? Come-on people! Never fails. But don't worry I will get at least half a bag of the lemon which I believe, in all civilized societies, is looked down upon for its numerous "bleh" qualities.

Its like when you were a kid and picked out a cereal that you didn't really loooove as much as you led your parents to believe so you could get the groovy prize inside. Later you find that after you had searched both sides of the bag and emptied the whole box into your Mom's largest Tupperware bowl, that you'd been ripped off, and had managed to pick the one in a hundred that they had conveniently left the prize out of. Yeah remember THAT disappointment?

Still stings.. doesn't it?

Now you know how I feel.

1 comment:

SuziQ said...

Oh, I totally agree! There are never enough green candies! I think they should make packs that have only green, like they do for black jelly beans!