Sunday, February 24, 2008

Me and Ma Nature are gonna have some words

I'm done with this whole winter thing.

I mean its not unusual for me to be done with winter pretty much right when it starts but I'm REALLY done with it. This winter has been particularly... well, snowy. And cold. Did I mention cold? The trip in January to 90 degree Mexico certainly didn't help. This really has been a stinker of a year. Some people like winter. I don't. I don't even know why I live here. To all of those who just love these winter months, here is my top ten list of why I hate it so much:
  1. Having to scrape your windows and warm up your car.
  2. Driving with people who respect the snow too little. Or too much.
  3. Colds. Its a scientific fact that cold weather contributes to you getting sick.
  4. No sun. I need me some Vitamin D!
  5. It gets dark too early. Our bodys think that means we need to go into slug mode.
  6. The pastiness. I hate being white.
  7. Shoveling the walk. My back is messed up enough.
  8. Oh the OH SO MANY potholes created by the OH SO MANY snow plows.
  9. My poor car is continously dirty.
  10. And lastly.. ITS COLD. I don't like smuggling raisins.

To be fair there are a few redeaming factors. A very few.

  1. Hot chocolate,
  2. I do rock cute sweaters
  3. Nope... I can't even think of three.

Are any of you winter lovers? Are you guys sick of this weather yet? Let me know how you're feeling.


Just me said...

First please let me start by saying... LOVE THE NEW PAGE!

I have to be right there with you on the whole hating winter thing. I am serious suffering from Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD for short, hey that is the same as single awareness day...)

Suzi said...

Yeah, it's enough already. Hey, at least it was warm this weekend, and all we've gotten is rain, which did a nice job of melting most of the snow we had left at our house!

Lucky-Unlucky? said...

Whiners! You've lived here FOREVER and you probably will, FOREVER!! ***evil laugh*** One thing I don't understand it that we all complain about the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer, as a human species, I don't think we are ever content. I am...when I'm in bed!