Tuesday, February 26, 2008

what's he got that I don't?

Randy has a crush.
I'm not jealous or anything.

My man has some serious love for Eldrick Tiger Woods.

He won't deny it. He will be the first to admit that he has a hard core man crush on Tiger. I mean I can see why and all. Tiger is a pretty impressive guy. I think he'd go gay for Tiger, and he might not have to think about it long either. I'd leave me too. Look what Tiger has to offer:

Tiger golfs everyday.
Tiger is intelligent and college educated.
Tiger has his own clothing line.
Tiger has a gleaming white smile and fantastic cheek bones.
Tiger has people making up to the minute technological advances in his equipment.
Tiger can walk on to any golf course in the world and play, any day, anytime.
Tiger has a yacht.
Tiger has endorsements from Nike, Buick, Gillette and Gatorade.
Tiger has his foundation and also gives back to the community,
I'm pretty sure Tiger's house is bigger then my high school.
Tiger works out twice a day and has rock hard abs.
Tiger can do any shot Randy has ever dreamed of and could teach him.
Tiger hangs out with all the cool kids; Michael Jordan, Roger Fedderer, and Annika Sorrenstam, not to mention countless other PGA tour players.
Tiger has a blonde Swedish model wife who has a TWIN SISTER.
Tiger has a super cool name like Tiger.
And my personal fav:
Tiger just made another 1.35 million last weekend.
Now how's a girl suppose to compete with that??? All I have going for me is boobs. Its a good thing we live here in Utah and he's stuck stalking Mike Weir instead. I think I can take Weirsy.

How about you guys? Got a man or girl crush on someone you really admire?


Just me said...

Angelina Jolie-Pitt, she has that perfect body, she is a world traveler and humanitarian, and the #1 reason, she gets to sleep with Brad Pitt.

Shamelessly said...

And steals other people's husbands. I thought maybe just maybe that would be a big road block to you to say the very least.

Lucky-Unlucky? said...

I really admire your feet...LOL! Hmmm??? Let's see... I admire anyone that has enough money to have their sheets ironed. Yup, that'd be nice!

FOODIE said...

My crushes go in phases, but I love me some Tiger too!!! He is the only golfer that actually looks like he works out and who I consider a real athlete out of the bunch. Most of the other ones walk around smuggling raisins with their very evident man boobs (Phil)!

Shamelessly said...

Hey... Phill has lost a lot of weight lately. And just cause you work out doesn't make you an athlete. He's #2 in the world. I think he can call himself an athlete. BESIDES... you aren't lucky like me and have to watch the golf channel 4 hours a day. There's lots of golfers that work out now!