Friday, February 22, 2008

If I had a time machine I'd go back and smack myself


That really is what you think it is.

Good ole Small Wonder. Its a small wonder I still have enough brain cells to function after watching this as a child. I used to watch this early Saturday evenings right before dinner. Even as a child I had some knowledge of how stupid this show was, but that never stops a kid. If that were true there would never be that instance of that little neighbor kid showing up on your front steps with no pants on. After memories of this flooded back it made me remember some other real stinkers I used to watch. Let me know if this lights a spark for you better left unlit:

Mr. Belvedere: Sitcom about a British butler that used to serve Queen Elizebeth and for some reason now works for an American family. Highlights: That rascal Wesley.

Charles in Charge: My favorite 'not gonna happen in real life' premis. Young college age guy watches over two teenage girls and a young boy. Highlights: Charles' dorky friend Buddy.

Pee Wee's Playhouse: Saturday morning show featuring, who else? Pee Wee Herman and a strange cast of friends including a dinosaur, a chair and a TV. Highlights: Word of the Day, Penny clayamation skits, and the Giant Underwear segments.

Blossom: Sitcom about a teen girl, her single dad and dumb but cute brother. I still pull the Joey Lawrence "Whoa" out every once in a while just for kicks and giggles. Highlights: Counting how many different hats Six wore.

ALF: Sitcom about a wiseguy alien that crashes his spaceship into a suburban family's garage. How did this stay on air for four seasons??? Highlights: Watching Alf try to eat Lucky, the family cat.

Who's the Boss: An Itallian stallion gets a job as a housekeeper and he and his daughter move in with his business woman boss. Sexual tension ensues. Highlights:Tony Danza's incessant oh ohohhh's and watching Jonathan grow into a nice young gay man.

Saved by the Bell: Saturday morning show about a group of friends going to school together. The acting is so bad it hurts my eyes. Because I start to claw them out. Highlights: Mario Lopez's dimples.

Boy Meets World: Sitcom about a boy played by one of those Savage kids, his older brother and friend. Later on when it started to get unfunny it was about his relationship with his grilfriend. Highlights: Just knowing that somewhere there is a girl named Topanga.

Punky Brewster: Sitcom about a poor, fashion challenged, little orphan and the old guy that really wants to adopt her and can't. Tear jerking isn't it? Highlight: The sweet treehouse and "I must I must I must increase my bust" --Cherry

Some others were Step by Step, Just the Ten of Us, Family Matters, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, the Hogan Family, My Two Dads, Full House, Zubilee Zoo, and Dinosaurs. The last really does deserve a note. It was a primetime sitcom with people dressed up as a dinosaur family. The baby dinosaur continuously hit the father with a frying pan while screaming "Not the mommy!". Did I mention it was people dressed up as DINOSAURS?

It amazes me what sometimes passed as entertainment in my formative years. Are there any favorites of yours I missed? Or was one of these particular endearing to you? Lets hear it.


Audrey said...

Wow, such memories. I used to watch Small Wonder with my daughter. She loved that show. Nice blog.

Suzi said...

Hey, we have season one of Dinosaurs on DVD...wanna come have a girls night with me when Randy's working swings? LOL Averie loves it.

Wow, what a trip down memory lane. Oh, and Blossom's brother was Joey, the cute one who is now bald, not Matthew. LOL :)

Shamelessly said...

Audrey, Thanks!

Suzi. NO I don't want to watch that show. LOL. Ever. And you're right! I need to go fix my Blossom flub right now!

FOODIE said...

Don't forget Silver Spoons with Rick Schroeder(sp?) I always thought he was HOT!

By the way, I am looking at getting the Saved By The Bell on DVD from ebay one of these days. After my Friends box set comes in the mail though!

Shamelessly said...

Oh yeah... Ricky Schroeder and the sweet train.

Saved by the Bell on DVD? Oh boy! Can't wait!

Did I mention
I'm moving out of the country?

Suzi said...

Amber, you can watch "Saved by the Bell" online through Netflix. Guess who figured that wasn't me! It was my hubby! LMAO