Thursday, February 21, 2008

the text message brings me peace

Suzi has a point
I'm a bit of a text floozy.
I text all the time.
I text at work.
I text at home.
I text in bed, while eating, and sometimes even driving.

I text way more then actually talk on my phone.
I can actually take the credit for making some of my good friends and family add texting plans to their cell phone contracts.
Finally they just gave into the peer pressure.
OR... they just got sick of paying for all my slightly nerdy messages.
Funny thing is the ones without texting plans are usually the ones I lose touch with.

I just think that a lot of the time texting allows you to say what you need to say and move on.
No more inane pleasantries you don't need nor want to hear.
And some times I just think that certain things are just way funnier in word form.
If I didn't believe this I wouldn't blog.
Besides... to text one must think before they say something stupid.
I think we'd all be a lot better off if we had to think before we said things.

With texting you can tell a friend good morning when you don't have time to chat.
With texting there is no more nerdy sounding voice mail. How I hate to leave those.
With texting there is no more worrying that maybe they are in a movie or not up yet.
With texting you can answer when you have a minute. No missed calls.

I've decided those who hate texts don't actually hate texts. They either hate the charges or they can't figure out how to use predicative text and have a deep seated inner loathing about their own short comings. Its ok. You can learn. There IS hope.


FOODIE said...

I have to admit that it drove me nuts to have to pay 10 Cents for every stupid, pointless message...over 500 messages a month started costing me a bit TOO much, so I was FORCED into adding the text plan to my phone.

Wait a minute, maybe I could have gotten rid of you faster if I hadn't added it...hmmm...LOL...JK...GEES!

Suzi said...

Did I call you a text floozy? LOL

I concur, though...but with my cell company texts are way cheaper than calls, so text away!

Shamelessly said...

We both know you don't want to get rid of me!! If you did you would have wanted to start back in high school. Of junior high for that matter!

Yeah yeah you say that until I throw in a picture message and then all hell breaks loose!

Suzi said...

Eh, I accept your many picture messages, even at .25 each! :P

Just me said...

I am also a slave to the text floozy, I had to add text also, saying "don't text me" just added fuel to your fire. I should bill you the extra $5.00 a month.

Oh BTW, thinking before you send something stupid, never stops you either.

Shamelessly said...

Stupid mean and stupid funny are two totally different things.