Friday, August 21, 2009

Favorite thing of the week--or ever really

I know. I'm a week late. I suck its true. BUT... I've learned to not be too hard on myself. Besides I did blog in between so I don't feel as guilty for not completing the goal I set for myself right out of the gate. Yes I know, such a tragedy. Disgraceful really. Now that I have properly and publicly berated myself, let us move forward.

This guy right here is my favorite thing of the week. Well of last week really. OK, always. But last week he was really as patient as can be asked of anyone. On my shoot last week he put up with the, "No... nevermind. Over here is better" and the "You need to be over here to catch that light" and the "Oh crap, my card is full and the other one is in the car". Lore couldn't make it that night and Randy did his best to be not only my assistant but my creative consultant. My favorite thing is that he never once got huffy when I said something he suggested wouldn't work out and he dragged Fez in and out of the car, over walls, through sand and rocks. AND he was a joy the entire time. So a special thanks to my guy. Handy AND nice to look at. What more could a girl ask for?

Thanks Baby!


Lore said...

I am bummed I did not go with you all, I could have at least been there to help with lighting and run for the CF card, he would still have to carry Fez around.
Another time!

liesel said...