Monday, August 24, 2009

Hanging with the cool kids---if you like rocks n'stuff

Back again by popular demand....

A couple weekends ago Randy and my sister (along with Baby Cam) went up and stayed in the time share in Park City to enjoy the Kimball Art's Festival

It was nice to get away even if it was only for a couple days.

We saw some of our favorites from last year back again:

We all covet the pieces from Anthony Hansen who makes fantastic metal hearts and other things from scrap from old cars. Really spectacular in person.

My sister found her favorite car painting again and I'm sure imagined a house she could put it in where it wouldn't take up the whole wall.

I had a scary Mom moment where I found myself really admiring some pots.

Randy hung out with Cameron and garnered looks of distrust from passersby. Apparently he doesn't look very responsible. Some woman actually asked him if he should have such a cute baby in his care. Bwa ha ha.

My sister found what she called "the best looking piece of art there" in a booth eating a creamy. We tried to get a picture of him but it was like he knew our secret motives and stared right at us almost the whole time. I began to be aware of a strange sense of... awkwardness. We ran away feeling horrified that we were so transparent. I think Lore blushed.

Randy just though we were morons.

We went back to looking at the non-embarrassing type art.

Cam lived up to his moniker "Spitty Cent". He was just chillin', hanging out and rolling on sixes.

Began to realize that we don't fit in with the Park City crowd. Have deemed that there are six things necessary to come off looking like a local. The following in no specific order:

A Dog. Must walk dog everywhere. If there is social gathering must bring dog. If going hiking must bring dog. If going grocery shopping must bring dog. Leave dog in car.

The Car. Must own a Suburu Outback or at the very least a Forrester. All wheel drive is where its at. Lots of room for dog. (We counted 34 Suburu Outbacks from Kimball Junction to the time share. Granted busy weekend... but seriously?)

Indian Jewelry: Apparently we didn't get the memo that southwest jewelry never goes out of style with the granola crowd, despite the fact that you can't give it away anywhere else.

The Fanny Pack: Being hands free is very important while your walking your dog or skinning a yeti.

Must find yeti coats attractive. Self explanatory. Sometimes when going out on the town polar fleece is just not appropriate.

Hopefully these tips can help you feel more at home on your next visit to lovely Park City. No no, don't thank me. Its my pleasure.

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