Friday, August 7, 2009

Favorite Thing of the Week

I have decided that maybe in order to get myself back on the good old blog wagon that I should give myself a goal of at least one post a week. Since this sounds easy but is actually HARD when you don't just want to post boring drivel that no one else enjoys reading (which may still be the case, but hey--at least I TRY) I have given myself a topic:

Favorite thing of the week. It might refer to a song, maybe a household item, perhaps a news story, just something that made ME smile that week for whatever reason. So without further ado... THIS is my favorite thing of the week.

Dryers Limited Edition Hot Cocoa Ice Cream. Super good. Its like Rocky Road, but without the yucky nuts. The marshmellows are like the real thing and they are quite abundant. I have PMS, so basically it was a given that my fav thing would be chocolate and or dessert this week. Probably a little lack luster for the first one ever but hey, when everything else is pissing you off you you gotta be down with what makes you happy.


SuziQ said...

Mmm, definitely trying that.

Shamelessly said...

LOL.. thank you One Lone Commenter. I don't think you'll regret it.