Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Everyone... I'd like you to meet Fez.

Yep. This is Fez.

Why you ask? Why am I introducing you to an obnoxiously hued 70's barrel chair??? Because I am sorta in to love with him and together we're going to make dozens and dozens of adorable,well behaved, ravishing pictures.

I have been looking for a few unique pieces to use in my work. That obnoxious marigold color will work fantastic in my outdoor shots. I cannot wait to try Fez out and have made arrangements for a location and models this Friday. I'm pretty sure Fez is excited too. We're planning on giving Fez a little bit of a make-over. Perhaps get him out of that dated skirt so he can show off the sexy legs he's got.

In the meantime Fez is in pretty great shape. He needs a little cleaning here and there and he does have one little hard to see hole but other then that the cushion and the fabric look great. I picked him up at the local Deseret Industries. He was eyeing me... I flirted back. It was pretty much meant to be.

(Funny side story.... that D.I. What a bunch of swindlers. I bought Fez for fifteen dollars only to get home and see the tag taped on him said ten. Why I oughtta....)

Now I know what you are all thinking.... where did Fez get his name?? And you're thinking right. Randy and I both agreed he looked like he stepped out of Eric Forman's garage on That 70's Show.

Besides... he has a lisp.

AND and accent.


liesel said...

..and he's SEXY! He will look stunning in outdoor shots, can't wait to see 'em.

SuziQ said...

Ooh, fun! Sheesh, when do we get our pictures done? We pay!

Shamelessly said...

Let me get with my lighting "person" and get back to you. I have bridals next week so if I did them it would have to be this week and it would take a LOOOOONG time to get your CD. I'll see whats going on.

Shamelessly said...

Liesel... he IS sexy isn't he?? "Butt-Sexy!!"

The Ridgeways said...

I like the shape but wow, that is one strong color! I would think you were crazy but I am sure Fez will look like a rockstar in your pics.

Lore said...

I have to admit I had my eye on the loveseat from the 60's but that ole timer needed some work! Fez is just HOT! Love him!

Lore said...

I was looking at Fez today and I have to say he looks like he got a bad spray tan... and now he has that fake golden glow... Oh Fez!