Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yes, yes... the photography blog cometh.

In the mean time this is what you get. My list is pretty big right now of things I have to do. Here's a breakdown:

  • Get a Business License
  • Register with the Utah Chamber of Commerce
  • Buy a key piece of crime fighting equipment (more to come)
  • Set up photo blog (for any of you that have one, any tips or hints are appreciated.)
  • Buy a domain name and set it up so my blog uses that as it's URL
  • Take more pictures
  • Edit Edit Edit
Have already:

  • Found out how to set up my business and as what (Thank you Kim!).
  • Looked into things for tax purposes (Thank you Lore!! And yippee! That key piece of crime fighting equipment will just count as a loss against my earnings)
  • As of right now am finding out how to insure said equipment.
  • Taken pics at a couple of locations on my list for the blog.

I feel like I need more recent work before I get around to unleashing the photo blog for prospective clientele. I have a VERY busy schedule in the next month. Hopefully I will have lots of additions and can get the blog up as soon as possible. In the meantime, take a look at some impromptu shots of Mel and Brent's cute girls. Let me know what you think!

Sage and Aspen were by far the easiest little kids I have ever shot. They make Kyle look like devil child. Oh yeah... he is. CUTE tho.

Aspen is pretty shy, but she is so photogenic it didn't matter!!

Sage is a ham!! This girl would get into a position and hold dead still. Matter of fact she's still there. Smiling just like this.

Fit in a couple of my adorable happy nephew, Baby Cameron, or as I like to call him: Senor Spitty AKA Spitty Cent

Special thank you for Mel and Brent for letting me take pictures of their two cuties!!
(PS... Brent please don't sue me.)


Jennifer said...

Dang those kids are beautiful!! Oh...good photography too! :P

Shamelessly said...

Why thank you Jennifer. I grew them in the lab. :P back.

SuziQ said...

Beautiful pics!

Anything I can help with, let me know! I am willing and able! I have a fairly willing model, too. LOL

The Ridgeways said...

Don't worry I won't let Brent sue you, lol. He is all bark and not bite anyways. Thank you those are so wonderful! You will have a very successful business ahead of you! I am so excited for you.

The Ridgeways said...

I forgot something, you know the lovely glow Brent and I have? That is courtesy of the lighting assistant Lore and her evil reflector that can make your eyes water like you are looking directly into the sun in two seconds flat. That girl has skills! But I have to admit the results are AWESOME!

Oh and you need to add to your list business cards cause as I show off my new photos I would love to hand them out to everyone that wants to know where we got such stunning pictures!

GhostRider said...

Oh Maaaannnnn, you take out all the fun.

GhostRider said...

Oh forgot you did a great job. I wish I had the talent you do.

Jennie said...

Those are some of the cutest pictures I've seen of Melanie's girls. I love the one of Sage blowing the dandelion. You do a great job. Even better than kiddie kandids, which I usually go to because they are so good with kids. Good luck on your business and maybe you'll be seeing my famiy soon.

Jennie (Melanie's sister)

liesel said...

darling, darling pictures!! you know you can always use my kids too if you're so in need of models! Sohvi (at least) would pose for you all day long! ..and Austin would promise not to sue.

..and business cards are really easy to make and print out. seriously. I'll totally help you with them if you want.

Laura said...

I didn't know you were going to open a business. I thought it was all for fun. I'm doing the same thing right now. Good luck. Your doing a lot of things I never even thought about. I must say I love your orchard shots. You did have some adorable models. You'll be great!

SuziQ said...

She has business cards...she'll just need new ones once her site is up and running.

KayLynn said...

Hey I know I haven't commented before, but I have enjoyed seeing what's going on with you. I recently closed my business, because of Utah state issues. Just so you know up front sitting fees and cd's or digital immages are subject to sales tax. They didn't tell me this and I just had to audit 3 years of work and pay it out of my pocket. Just a heads up. You are doing great work.