Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Key piece of crime fighting equipment....

Yep... there it is boys and girls, the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM Lens. Its lovely isn't it? I have a tremendous crush on it. I've moved on from Fez already. I know better when I see it. Too bad this baby didn't cost as much as Fez tho.... because REALLY. After I purchased it I wasn't sure if I wanted to go home and cry in a fetal position or do cart-wheels.

The pretentious snot in me really wanted to upgrade my camera body first. I wanted a lovely new camera with all its new buttons and all its unnecessary mega-pixels. After I thought long and hard about it I came to the realization that although my camera isn't top of the line, it takes great images. New bodies come and go every single year but lenses remain basically the same. Not only that but the camera I wanted basically takes such wonderful high resolution photographs that it ends up showing any flaws that an inferior lens might have. Seeing as how my lenses are all more low end I decided it was smarter to invest in "glass" for now. L series lens here I come.

Besides all that, I know for certain that you can have the biggest, newest, monster of a camera body and it won't matter if you don't understand aperture, shutter speed, your camera's features and most importantly have "an eye". I've seen my fair share of people with lots of funds at their disposal that think the more expensive camera you have the better pictures you can take.

Sorry... not so much.

I tried my lens out tonight. I didn't know what I was missing!! I've never owned a L series lens. I just couldn't justify the expense till now. Its like going from a Honda Civic to a Mercedes Benz. It focuses like a dream in the blink of an eye. And its virtually silent. It's a beautiful, bright, fast piece of glass. I stopped crying and would have tried to do cart-wheels if I had it insured already.

AND if the thing didn't weigh as much as a human head.

Riddled with tumors.

So... to all those people that may scoff at my several year old camera with the SWEET lens on it, which is HUGE and HEAVY and doesn't match in the least: Well... yeah I know. I do look like the nerdy kid in high school who's dad bought him a sports car. My equipment DOESN'T match, but my pictures gonna be the BOMB!


SuziQ said...


liesel said...

looks juicy. can't wait to see the fun you'll have with it. Who cares if it doesn't match. Its what it does that matters.

The Ridgeways said...

freak, that is a pricey beauty, congratulations, oh and can you hide it from Brent? Pretty Please, I don't want him getting any ideas.

Laura said...

I've used a nikkon lens that was comparable to the one you bought. I thought my arm would fall off. Who needs to lift weights. I've often heard that you will spend way more on your lenses than your camera any day. I wish I had one. I'm still using my 50 mm. It's on my wish list. I'll email Lore a couple of photographers blogs where they explain whats in their bag. It's very interesting.

Shamelessly said...

Suzi.... I know right???

Liesel, true that, but i still feel like a nerd!

Mel, with as much as I paid for it I'll talk shop to anyone who will listen... so sorry, i might show Brent!

Laura, a 50 mm prime is on my list too!! I agree its crazy how different the equipment is within portrait photography. I've always used zooms so that is where I'm comfortable, but I have noticed many work strictly with fast primes too.