Friday, April 24, 2009

Turns out I'm a pretty busy girl

This last month has kept me on my toes, and unfortunately a bit stressed, which if you know me, is very uncharacteristic.

I was told by Randy that a certain friend was whining about there not being any interesting blog fodder to read on the Internet of late. Yes I know I have been neglecting my blog writing duties but I've been quite busy, and I mean that in the real way--not in the way you tell someone you didn't call back because they talk incessantly about their kids or their husband or their life. UGH. Please.

No... I really have been crazed. I mean come on. I still have the last two weeks of Idol Tivo'd.
Here's a list of what I've been up to:

  • Working at my job 40 hours a week.
  • Finally got my hair done after 8 months. No longer look greasy for no reason. Definite improvement. Thanks Heidi!!
  • Decided to get sick cause I like to talk like the adolescent janitor in Monsters Inc: honking as if I'm going through puberty. At social events.
  • Randy and I finally got the flower beds all cleared out so they no longer look like a pioneer child should stumble out of them.
  • Shot lovely engagements for Di and Sam (If I do say so myself).

  • Co-hosted a bridal shower with my wonderful oven-challenged sister that I think went terribly well despite the apparent lack of any mind-numbing shower games
  • Scanning numerous photos for a video played at said shower.
  • Went with my buddy Suzi and her brother to Red Rock Brewery for dinner and then to a concert at Salt Air. We saw Hey Monday, Cobra Starship, Metro Station, and All Time Low open up for Fall Out Boy. Fun side note: Suzi upon being told that one of the singers of Metro Station was Hannah Montana's brother decided that she could no longer like them on principal and spent the rest of their set shaking her head and mumbling.
  • Did my taxes. Yes. One day before they were due. Because a little panic makes life more interesting.
  • With a good word from Kim (thanks!!), and Di and Sam's great photos I booked another engagement job. Shot the gorgeous couple last weekend. Between the two shoots my spare time has been spent editing. Every time Randy walks into the computer room and I'm on the Internet and NOT editing, I get the whole "I'm disappointed in you" look. ::sigh:: Good bye Itunes... hello Photoshop.

  • Did manage to squeeze in a game of golf on one of those nice days and shot my best 18 hole score ever. Bonus.
So there you have it. That's whats been keeping me from posting intriguing and provocative blog rants of late. Next up I have weddings and bridals so I'm afraid to say it, but updates are probably going to be a little slow coming. I'll do my best. Don't forget to check in... you never know when I'll have a moment to throw in some more "wardrobe malfunctions" and such.


The Ridgeways said...

Yeah I am not feeling much pity for you, Lore had to work 40 hours, stay up till 3am on several occasions to finish said video and clean the house. Oven mistakes were bound to happen poor girl was sleep deprived! I think she tops you baby!

Kimberly said...

Tracy, If you would just write stupid and boring blogs, and not ones that made everyone laugh, no one would complain.

Shamelessly said...

Melanie... Not looking for pity. Just making my statement that things may a bit slow in the posts department. As for Lore, hers was over in a week. And she didn't PAY for it. Mine marches onward. I beg to differ.

Kim... now would that make me or anyone else happy?? Nahhh!! Being brilliant is a curse.

Shamelessly said...

HEY... and if I remember correctly, Lore took more then half that week off. Nice try!!

SuziQ said...

Hey...I didn't like them period, not just on principle because of the Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus bond. I thought they sucked. Period. LOL