Thursday, April 23, 2009

Because I find correctly fitting undergarments unneccessary

A testament of how much I am NOT a morning person:
This afternoon while using the restroom at work I found that I had put my underwear on backwards.
Awesome right?
However, what truley startled me is that my frame of mind must be so befuddled throughout the day that I never came to the realization that there was a problem despite feeling as if my britches were a bit uncomfortable and also fumbling with the tag (which was sticking up awkwardly in FRONT) the previous TWO times I had taken a potty break.
Honor roll student right here guys. I hope these "Mom" moments don't increase in frequency.
And now, as a testament to how lazy I am:
I figured, well hell, its been seven hours already. Why change them now?


Melissa said...

Crying laughing. No, "seriously"!!!

liesel said...

my son Max (age 3) used to consistently put his underwear on backwards, but since our little label discussion and where its supposed to go, he's all cleared up now.

Shamelessly said...

Missy... You always laugh hardest at my misfortunes. Specially when they concern my underwear for some reason.

Liesel... thank you for drawing that comparison. So so much.

liesel said...

I fell into peals of uncontrollable laughter when I first read this, only to be heightened when I realized the similarity in circumstances. So, I just KNEW you'd appreciate me sharing.

Lore said...

Oh, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me you were NOT wearing a Thong!

Kimberly said...

I was already laughing but then Lore's comment, picturing a thong on backwards and you not noticing. Yeah, I almost died laughing.

Shamelessly said...

No not a thong. Awkward.

Seriously... like I would have shared this story if that were the case. I have SOME pride. I'll do a lot for a laugh, but that's just crossing the line of common decency. I'm pretty sure.