Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The popsicle calls my name

Bring on the unbearable heat in our sweltering apartment whose windows face due west in which our swamp cooler only pretends to work.

Let rip the higher gas prices.

Tally forth the mosquito bites and all the unbearable itching that comes with them.

Give me the rodeo P.A. system that we can hear clearly from our house which includes the ever witty banter of the rodeo clown in all of its twangy red neck glory.

Let me have the ever growing weeds that spring up overnight in our flowerbeds.

Unleash your multitude of summer vacationing, sweaty, screaming children into places I shop.

Let loose the sun burns, the bugs, and the infernal farmers tans.

Give me golf widowdom, give me flat hair, give me the freakishly loud rooster crowing outside my window at six in the morning. Give me all these things.

Because quite frankly... all of this is better then anything winter.

Let summer begin!!