Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Three reasons I'm not a landscape photographer...

Recently I went down to Utah Lake with my sister in the aim of getting some pictures of the lake before it thawed and when it starts to pile sheets of ice along the sides. Its a really cool time of year and it doesn't last long. Unfortunately we pretty much missed it. There were some ice slabs but definitely not what i was hoping for, which is where we get to the first reason I am not a landscape photographer:

1. Landscape photographers have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn. They have to stay out late. They have to have precise timing. I procrastinate. Sometimes I miss things that won't be along for another year, cause that's how I roll. Yeah, what? Don't judge me.

2. Landscapes lack a certain creativity of shooting. Now before all those
landscapers come out of the wood work and refute my statement and tell me I'm not one because actually I suck at it (which I won't deny) I just wanna say that the landscape is the star. There's only so many ways to shoot it; different years, different seasons, times of day, but in the end it will never be more interesting then a person. More beautiful maybe... but I guess that depends on the audience.

3. And lastly.. the landscape photographer, to be good, needs to spend a lot of time with--well, the landscape. I think I went over how I feel about the great outdoors at some detail here. And if that's not really enough to show you how I feel about it, this last picture is an illustration about how it feels about ME.

Yes I did manage to escape hypothermia in case you were wondering.


Kimberly said...

Those are great pictures as usual. You can pretty much take picture of anything and they turn out great. I think your just fishing for compliment on photography skills. I wish I could take pictures half as good.

liesel said...

for a so called crappy landscape photographer those are some gorgeous pictures disputing your claim.

That's why I paint though, you can take a bunch of crappy pictures and change what you want and control the outcome in a different way. But in my case they really ARE crappy pictures.

Shamelessly said...

Kim.. I really feel that way, but that doesn't go to say that i don't enjoy the compliments either LOL. Thank you.

Liesel, perhaps you could take some of my crappy pictures and then we could make beautiful crappy art together lol.

Shamelessly said...
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