Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And Max said... No?

Awhile ago my sister blogged about being excited about two things, a movie adaption of a childhood TV show about a haystack or something, AKA Land of the Lost and also the remake of a Disney movie from when she was a kid: Escape to Witch Mountain.

As I said in her comments, I really had no idea what she was talking about cause she was TOO OLD. Now it is my turn to be excited about an adaption of something that was popular when I was a kid: Where the Wild Things Are. I'm sure lots of people my age understood the post title. What I'm both anxious AND excited about is how the movie looks just like the book illustrations. Its a trip to see something from your childhood come to life in such a vibrant real way.

Now who knows? Maybe my niece Alexis will post in my comments saying that she has no idea what this strangeness is all about cause I am an OLD HAG.

You'll get yours, missy. ::Evil Cackle::


Jennifer said...

I had no idea they were making this! I am so freakin' excited now!! Haha...my little sisters have no idea what this book is. It's sad really.

SuziQ said...

Oh, come on, my five-year-old knows Where the Wild Things Are. It's a classic! I hope it's whimsical enough (not scary) that we can take her to see it!

Shamelessly said...

She knows that cause YOU know that. LOL... my sister prolly thinks Land 'O the Lost is a classic. Hee hee, kidding Lore.

Lore said...

Land of the Lost IS a classic and it is going to be messed up with Will as the lead. I hope that Wild Thing is a bit better, it looks good so far, when is the release date?

liesel said...

Its a TOTAL classic! Having a son named Max is not the only reason its one of my kids favorites. ..and I am absolutely thrilled they are making a movie of it! and echo what Suzi said about hoping its not too scary for my kids to see.