Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You think you know someone

Today while at my sisters house using up all her available internet, because as you know we don't believe in such things at my house, I decided I needed a Walmart Popscicle. You know the sweet ones that are like giant Otter Pops but better and cheaper? Yeah those.

So anyway, in this search I ventured into her garage and popped open the freezer. Bingo. Not green ones, but you know, I guess I can handle that. I grab the frozen lightsaber a la sugar water and am about to shut the freezer door when a little brown box with writing on it catches my attention. My sister is the queen of goodies. She has a food storage that would make army ants marvel. So I grab this thing to see what sort of fabulous treat she must have to have to hide it in this non-descript box in her freezer.

It says this:

June 8th to
September 15th 2003

We loved to hear you sing
Thats right.

Nestled in between the Lean Cuisine, popscicles, and taquitos is my sister's dead canary. Not even newly dead. No this thing has been in there chilling and being dead for nearly THREE years. Now I love my sister, and I want to deny that she really did get some of those crazy genes that my dad has and so I try to think that maybe there is a logical reason for this:

She really really did love that canary I bought her... maybe she is waiting till you can clone your pets so she can have one made. Like an afghan or something.

Or maybe she is waiting to have a autopsy performed on him. I mean... he DID die under some mysterious circumstances.

Canaries is good eatin???

There has to be SOME good reason. Cross your fingers that the genetic crazies haven't gotten to my sister afterall.


D said...

LOL!! That is hillarious...and gross. Sick-a-lick, Lore! Well, you know you would never find anything like that in my freezer!

Just me said...

UGH! I LOVED that bird! I just have not found the right place to lay him to rest. As soon and the ground thaws I promise I will give him a proper burial; right after I get those autopsy results!

On an side note, I love me a good Wal-Mart otter pop on steroids.

SuziQ said...

That is too funny. And I'm not so sure about eating at Lore's house anymore! :)

The Ridgeways said...

OK, This is too funny. See this is why back in the old days I used to beg you to come scrapbooking, I always learned something random and new about my dear friend Lore. I love it, I had no idea poor little dead canary was in the deep freeze!