Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm better then you... did you know?

Women as a general rule are very competitive with other women. They walk into a room and immediately begin to size up the "competitors". They start making a mental note of their flaws; She's fat, she's too trashy, she has bad hair, she wears ugly clothes. I think we all do it to a degree. We need to see where we rank and for many of us self worth is tied to our appearance.

Now perhaps it was growing up as a tomboy. Maybe it was having peers when I was young that did their best to let me know that I wasn't, say, as cute, or thin as them, or that I didn't have outfits that coordinated quite as well as theirs did, but I find that my self worth is tied more into other things. That's not to say that I don't wish I was prettier or thinner or had a butt you could bounce a quarter off of, but it does mean that I tend to value intelligence, wittiness, and just the ability to kick some butt more. I find that for the most part my perspective when I walk into a room full of women is a bit on the unique side. Let me give you an example:

Years ago my friend Di and I went out with a group of people we didn't really know. One of the guys invited us and on walking into an apartment I found three young women already there and flirting their little hearts out. I looked and listened for the next minute or so and had sized up the competition. My thoughts were like so:

1st girl: Oh I could totally beat you up, you prissy little drama queen.

2nd girl: Please cease speaking. You are the intelligence equivalent of bark.

3rd girl: I could snap your legs from behind with one tiny movement of my mighty thigh.

So that said. I think I should tell you that while maybe I'm not quite as smart as some in my blogoshpere, and maybe I'm not as strong as some (although excuse me as I hesitate to laugh) I most definitely dominate in one if not both fields and in a nutshell I am better then all of you. Yes that's right. I'm superior. And Lucky, I know that you're a tough chick, but at the moment I'm sorry... what are you gonna do? Gimp after me on your crutches?

You can't stop a train with a toothpick sister.


SuziQ said...

LOL. We're not worthy! We're not worthy!

Just me said...

I guess that is why you make a better bodygaurd than make-up artist.

FOODIE said...

LOL!!! Did you just really call us all out like that!!! You may have beaten me up, but then I think I would just sit idly by and WHACK you upside your head with my crutches when you aren't looking!!!

Trint&Chanel said...

Hey you little tit swipe! OK so I have love your blog! I have one now too its www.trintchanel.blogspot.com its nothing like yours but its a start I guess anyways your funny and girls are dumb!

Lucky-UnluckyOne said...

**Ahem**(Clearing throat)... Really? Bring it sister!!! LOL! You're right, right now anyone could kick my butt, BUT vengence is BLISS!

Shamelessly said...

I love that entry for only the fact that I got such AWESOME responses. Thank you guys, I laughed my ample behind off!!!

Suzi, you're worthy. You're smarter then me lol.

Sissy, I dunno, I'm pretty good with make up. lol

Ber, I should have known you would be the sneaky type!

Chanel! Titswipe eh? Love that you're on board. I will add you to my links ASAP. You crack me up!

Lucky, Yes I am taking advantage of you in your weakened condition. I freely admit it. Remember I said I valued brains too. I'm not stupid lol.