Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"but we need the water... blah blah blah"

Utah is really trying my patience this year. This whole cold, rain, snow, briefly sunny, warm smoggy haze, rain etc etc thing has GOT to end. Did anyone else realize its going to be May in a week and its still 50 outside?? As I type this I look out the window at the bleak sky and the barren trees and my lip starts to quiver.

I think the extended winter has put everyone in a perpetual bad mood. We all need a little sunshine, a little tan, and a little vitamin D. I think the current conditions are going to finally awaken that secret serial killer waiting to come out in Randy. No worries guys, I'm safe. They don't kill people they know. However, if I come home and he's wearing a 'people' suit its really gonna put a further damper on things.

So, in a sad whistful way I have put together a little list of all the things I am REALLY looking forward to in the next coming months.

  • Having a clean car for more then three hours. I had the Murano washed yesterday and it just looks so sexy with its gleaming chrome and shiney wheels. I almost moved it to the top of my loves list.
  • Golf. Yeah Randy will roll his eyes here but I do miss it. I miss my legs sticking to the vinyl, the ping of the ball and the feeling you get when you finally hit that great shot. I'm sure after I lose a couple hundred balls my enthusiasm may fade just a bit, but thats when I break out the camera!
  • Green. Green leaves, green grass, flowers blooming. I never noticed how much I was starved for it till it took a month longer then usual to coax all the living things out of the ground.
  • Driving with the windows down at night. The lilac blooming is a bonus. Can. Not. Wait.
  • Snowies. Who doesn't love a good snow shack?? I mean minus the slightly sullen teenager baking under the plexiglass like an ant under a magnifying glass.
  • Barbecues. I plan on having a lot more of these this year. And I cannot wait to convince my sister that we need to have them at her house cause they were her idea.
  • Capris, shorts, flipflops and the tans that come with them. I'm tired of looking like a slathered a tub of cream cheese on my face.
  • More photo oppertunities. Winter is beautiful and all but you have more time and more motivation to get out there and work on your photography if youre not losing a limb to the elements.
  • Nectarines, peaches, raspberries. Locally grown fruit and produce that wasn't imported from Chilie. Oh and isn't rotten on the inside. BIG bonus.
  • Fireworks, festivals, car shows. Theres just so much to do in the summer!
  • Roadtrips. I've made a goal for myself to see more of what this beautiful state has to offer. If its just an hour jaunt to a weekend, I want to go places I haven't been.

Is there anything in particular that you are really looking forward to this year? Or is there somethings that this horrendously long winter has made you appreciate a bit more? Let me know.


Just me said...

Sun! Sun! Sun! I thought I saw it the other day, but I was mistaken.

SuziQ said...

Um, I'm just glad I know Randy, and he's met my family. I feel so much safer.

It's supposed to be warmer at the beginning of next week! Oh, wait, then it's supposed to storm again. UGH! Wasn't it already in the 90s by this time last year? LOL