Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring... is that you???

Our travels to Noni brought about these gems. Looking at these pictures I can almost imagin that its warm outside. Anyone thinking that Nielson's Grove will be a real treat, I advise you to skip it... so far anyway. Only about an eighth of those gazillion planted tulips are even blooming and the rest of the place looks down right, well--monocromatically beige. Maybe in a couple weeks it will actually look like spring.

Noni itself was a little on the dull part as well, but at least it had some actual real life blooming flowers to try out some new equipment on. So take a look at the pictures, these are straight out of the camera without any post editing as I've already told you that my Dell is from Hell. Also it was extremely overcast with 40 mile an hour winds. Thats right, I'm feeling pretty smug that even one came out like I wanted. If they let you, click on them to see the picture bigger, they came out so close and clear. Lovin it!


SuziQ said...

Wow. You found flowers? Here? In Utah? Amazing! Maybe spring is coming, after all!

Just me said...

Perrrty! It was cold and it is still cold! I think the flowers are trying to trick us!