Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pain and irritation aren't really my style

Just a few things of note:
Lately every time I shave I need a freakin blood transfusion.  And while we're in that vein of conversation why do razors cost their weight in gold?  Is there something I don't know?  Are the blades coated in platinum or something???  But I've learned my lesson.  Although the simple single blade razors are cheap and extremely sharp, they also sever arteries and so I guess I WILL be shelling out the eight dollars for the three pack of Venus again.  Maybe after I will go frolick on the beach with some sheer fabric and a couple girlfriends.  I guess that's what poor people with soft, smooth legs do.
And finally, after five days of glorious spring weather its gonna snow and rain again.  I'm so ready for summer.  I want to go shoot blooming orchards and wear flip flops.  This disappoints me greatly.  Perhaps I can hold off on those razor purchases after all.  I'll need the extra insulation.



Robin said...

One of the benefits I have of being a SAHM is I don't have to shave during the week! hahahaha! I love it!

But yes, why the %^@* are the razors so expensive???? I have never been able to figure this one out either.

liesel said...

you might have to downgrade further... I have been using dirt cheap ones (think trashmart generic) and I maybe its that they don't even come sharp they're so cheap, but for whatever reason, I'm not slicing my legs to ribbons every time I shower. Go figure. My legs probably aren't nearly as silky smooth as yours though.

SuziQ said...

I love the Intuition because no need for shave gel...but yes, they cost a fortune. Bleh. And double bleh on the turn in the weather!