Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm Needy!!

I recently read that to cultivate a blog following you really need to have new content every single day. For some reason creating a blog following is really attractive to me. You know, loads of people scattered across the country reading my oh so witty banter over their McCafe on an otherwise bleak work day and finding a little joy in it. ::sigh::

Of course the obvious bonus would be funneling some towards my photography business and getting work at the same time.

But that aside I cannot understand my compulsion for having readers. Do I have a strong need to get my important message out?? Well, one would first need a message. Considering I'm pretty liberal, completely anti-political, and have no cause I can think of other then my newly stated desire to stamp out the donning of all Croc footwear and getting that Urban kid booted off Idol, my soapboxes are few. Or should I say random. I guess in all likelyhood, my only goal is a scatterbrained blog with humerous insights into life and some photography thrown in the mix.

While the idea of new content everyday seems like an impossibility to me, I am vowing to work on getting closer to that goal. Will my blog posts turn into more drivel like this? Probably. Hopefully that's still enough for my very own blog following. I don't need much. Just enough that when I say unavoidable stuff that insults people, like how I don't care for Twilight or use the term "pimped out" that I still have leftovers. That works for me, 'cause thats how I roll.


Robin said...

I'm your newest follower, and I love how you roll!

Hope you have had a good day...


liesel said...

you don't have to have a cause, you are witty no matter what you say. I'm serious. I know I'd read your blog anyways, because I'm your friend, but I also happen to LIKE it. Because you make me laugh.

Shamelessly said...

Wow Robin! Thank you!! I'm thrilled beyond words. Maybe when your in my neck of the woods I can buy you a McCafe LOL.

Liesel... Thanks man! Hopefully when I try to have new posts very regularly you won't have to read on strictly friend basis because its so boring heh heh.

Love the comments, thanks guys.

Melissa said...

Yay for the every day idea. "They" (who the heck is "they"?) say laughter is the best medicine. You are my medicine and I'm sure your new followers will feel the same! Sah-weet!!!