Thursday, April 22, 2010

Now THAT is will power!

Recently, my sister, my friend Diana, and I all started a diet. Its pretty harsh but we've done it with good results before. This time, however, none of us are doing all that well as is illustrated by the following IM between my sister and I today:

Lore: I am in one heck of a funk... it sucks.. Hey I am cheating today for lunch. Work is buying Olive Garden.

Me: Ok. I am cheating today for dinner... going to Red Rock Brewery before the concert. But I'm having a salad.

Lore: If you're gonna cheat tonight so can I. I'll have a salad.. with pasta on the side and maybe a breadstick

Me: Get some protein

Lore: I don't think they are ordering any of that.

Me: ... Bad you.

Lore: I know... (head hanging down)

Me: Can't say anything tho. I have been super bad the last two days. Think I gained two pounds

Lore: Me too. Only 1 though

Me: (head hanging lower) Too much fruit... extra crap... just bad.

Lore: I broke all the rules and had Bajio. I was pissed at the world.

Me: LOL...Yeah? Well Diana and I split a ten piece chicken nugget.
Lore: lol, Protein! Did you dip?

Me: Yeah! Protein! That's what we said anyway. Yes. We dipped. ::sigh::

Lore: LOL negative protein! I had chips and queso.
Me: Ha!! I had ice cream bon bons.

Lore: I told you I took out my frustration out on my diet and had WHAT! That is way off the chart!!

Me: I had these little Dove bon bons... two a day. I should just go and kill myself.

Lore: I am going to eat a Girl Scout cookie right now just to be even!

Me: FINE... I had three nut clusters from Costco already!

Lore: Shut up! I have not had a single drop of water today! Other than when I brushed my teeth anyway.


Lore: GREAT. We are such good unmotivational partners. We should be on our own poster.

Me: Amen Sister.


liesel said...

lol! you guys crack me up. I could do a diet like THAT. I freaking love ice cream bon-bons.

D said...

You're not supposed to have the ice-cream...and I just want to say that I am holding strong this time around (excluding today).

SuziQ said...

LOL. I love that she has to get even with you when you cheat! Next time I cheat, I'll blame it on you too! (I only have a few more days left though, and I've cheated like crazy this time through, though not like you do!)

And Di, why on earth are you doing it again? Weren't you already at your goal???

Anonymous said...

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Robin said...

That's how all diets should be!!!