Friday, February 5, 2010

Its your birthday, we gon' party like its your birthday

Happy Birthday Blog!!
My blog is turning 2.  Its a toddler now!!  Meaning I get even more reason to act out and say irresposible things.  Or at least dump whole boxes of cereal on the floor and cry when tired.  Terribly good start I think.
To celebrate we are going to go to the Melting Pot downtown tonight.  OK... thats not EXACTLY true.  We are going to the Melting Pot, but not in celebration of lovely blog's birthday (Travesty I tell you.  Travesty).  Instead we are going with money Kim gave us for Christmas, which also included hand written sentiment in which she threatened us against hooligan-like activities using said monies with severe bodily harm. 

Also we have wanted to go there forever!
Randy and I always talked that we wanted to go there but the Melting Pot encourages reservations and such.  If you know Randy at all you would know that making plans are not in his repetoire.  Thus we haven't been.  Kim gave us the push we needed to actually take destiny into our hands.  We invited my sister, Randy made reservations, and tonight we're gonna eat some fondue!!
Will keep you updated on eating of tasty things and having glorious time.


Lore said...

I am gonna have nightmares of the foodbaby eating flaming chocolate and leaving a wet spot outside the bathroom door... I think I ate WAY to much tonight!!!

SuziQ said...

I wanna go time we go downtown that's where we're eating. I just didn't know where it was till we walked past it on our way to Market Street...and I cried a little bit that we couldn't go to Melting Pot instead.

ShamelessPhotography said...

Suzi, pad the pocketbook cause it costs with drinks and tip about a 100 dollars for a couple.

SuziQ said...

Yeah, I know...we're saving it for something special. LOL

Slamdunk said...

Congrats on your two years--that is a lot of writing.

Shamelessly said...

Thanks Slamdunk!!