Thursday, February 4, 2010

Favorite Thing of the Week


Its my Kindle.

I'm loving my little electronic book!! I've been book happy the last month reading The Hunger Games, the sequel Chasing Fire, The Lost Symbol, Bridget Jones' Diary and Vanish. I'm am now a good way into the novel Deeper Then the Dead and I have a half dozen books on my "Save for Later" list in my Kindle.

Convenience is the key. I just carry my Kindle around in my purse. It has a nice cover and an adorable skin. I take it out and read at lunch, when I'm waiting for my car to be detailed, while I'm getting my nails done, anytime I have a minute or two. I never lose my space, I can change my mind and switch to a different book, I can even shop for new books. It's awesome!!

My apartment is small. I'm finding it hard to find extra room for books. Now I don't have to anymore!! The Kindle stores up to 1500 books give or take and if by some freakish chance I were to fill it up I can use Amazon online to store some I'm not reading. Shazam!

So if you love books and reading, and have been stumped on what to ask for Valentines from your honey then I suggest practicing puppy dog eyes NOW. (And Randy, thanks for the bestest Christmas present ever!!)

Let me know how it goes!


Lore said...

I love me a kindle! Or in my case I love my mom's kindle. Good call on taking them on the cruise and choice of book for me! Thanks.

Lore said...
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SuziQ said...

I want one so bad...but I'm too cheap to buy the books that way!

liesel said...

he-ey... i know where you took that picture! blogging at work, eh!

Shamelessly said...

Lore, you're welcome!! Read the second yet?

Suzi, I'll share mine with you and classics are free!!

Liesel, I took the picture there yes.