Wednesday, November 12, 2008

so... that meant what??

I usually listen to the radio when I get ready for work. The morning show that I listen to has a "dream interpreter" on about once a week. I pretty much feel the same way about dream interpreters as I do about psychics, taro, and astrology, which means I sorta think in my heart of hearts that its a bunch of "hooey". That's the super intelligent way of saying that I'm a bit on the skeptical side.

Sometimes I think that the dreams are sorta self-explanatory. Sometimes I think she reaches a little bit. For example: a helicopter in a dream is about something in your life "taking off". A baby is about a "new beginning". Sharks attacking you in a dream are about somebody that is trying to verbally "drag you down". Thats all fine and good I guess, but personally I think maybe you should just lay off the Nyquil and Discovery Channel combo sometimes.

The night of the last dream segment I had a particularly interesting dream:
I was at work, but not my work (you know how dreams are). I was in a room talking to Randy when my friend Di called to me from the warehouse next door. I knew everyone was there with the bay door open watching the Wendy's across the parking lot because it was on fire. I didn't want to go but she said the police wanted to talk to me. I walked into the warehouse and they started to question me because apparently, I seemed to have had a history of arson.
Mmmmk. Yeah. My friends call me Matches.

Anyway... I started to get really angry because no one believed that I had nothing to do with it. I started to yell and get really upset when suddenly Di screamed, "No! she didn't do it! I did it! I'm sorry, it was an accident!! I was just so scared that I didn't say anything!!" She started to cry and hug me. I just kept telling her it was okay, that it was an accident and everything would be alright. Of course she didn't mean to burn down Wendy's. She liked the wraps!

After that Di went with the officers and I followed her "friend" out of the parking lot who was driving a beat down metro in a startlingly reckless manner.
Now... what does THAT mean Lori from Dreamzone dot com????


liesel said...

Hey, I'm the pyro!! But I would never,
NEVER burn down a Wendy's! Silly Di!

Shamelessly said...

LOL... I know you're the pyro. I thought of you when I wrote this. I should have said, "my friends call me Liesel" lol.