Saturday, November 22, 2008

so.. like... yum.

Friday we visited Greg's at UVU. It is the student restaurant for the culinary department there. It was Japanese week and it was a great time. The food was pretty good, except it seems, for a certain soup that my sister, Randy and my mom got. It was called Egg Custard Soup. When the server brought it to the table it jiggled, not unlike jello or my thighs. As they started to eat it the conversation went like this:

Mom: What's in it?
Lore: I dunno. It scary.
Randy: It has... meat in it.
Mom: I can't figure out what it tastes like.
Lore: Ummmm...
Randy: It tastes like... Mushrooms

Mom: There's no mushrooms in there!
Randy: No, no.. like um.. bean.
Mom: Yeah.. Beef.(Ber and I begin to laugh as we eat our perfectly normal Miso soup)
Randy: Not Beef! No like... Pork and beans.. without the pork.
Lore: It yucky. I'm not eating that, I can't tell what's floating in it.
Mom: Yeah.. its smokey. I don't like it.
Randy: Yeah I know what it tastes like. Smoked ASS.

So there you go. The REST of the food was pretty good and the presentation was awesome. Its a very reasonable price for five courses and really fun for a change of pace.

Check it out!


Lore said...

Sissy, your main dish looks like worms in a bowl.
I say we go again when they have another exotic food night. We can play the who had the best meal game again. I will just order what Amber gets... maybe.

SuziQ said...

Looks like fun!