Saturday, November 1, 2008

busy busy busy like a little busy bee

Feels like I have been nothing but busy the last two months. Fall seems to be the time where everyone decides that they need pictures. And that's fine with me really but since I am still, for the most part, a computer nomad it makes things challenging. I've recently changed from my old photo editing software to Photoshop which has been a joy and a trial, but for being self taught in the realm of photo editing (I've never cracked an instruction manual or a book. Call it what you will but I tend to lean toward "stubborn" and or"lazy") I am feeling pretty good about myself. I still wake in the night from feverish dreams depicting a Mac, but I have also come to terms that I may not get one for a long long.... LONG time. That Mac is like the proverbial carrot on the string dangling in front of my face, just out of reach.

Alas... life sulks miserably on.

On a less brooding, self absorded note: These are pictures I did for Ky and Kayla for homecoming. They were sorta last minute and there wasn't any sun. Randy did reflector duty. Things came out ok. Its hard to take bad pictures of two annoyingly happy people despite drab weather.

Next up I did some family pictures for Suzi. This is a special appology for her for taking so long for me to get out there to take them . I'm SORRY!! Seems like I have plans for SOMETHING for every spare minute of my day. I'm glad that I finally got these done and to her. I was beginning to feel REALLY guilty!! This shoot was sorta challenging as little Averie has developed a shyness concerning me where she won't look me in the eye. Unfortunately that also translates to my camera lens too. Heh.

Its a good thing I plucked the hedgerow otherwise known as my eyebrows and took out all my facial piercings that day.

I do manage to squeeze in some fun too. Last week I got down to Palisades State Park in Sterling for a day of golf and photography. The golf game wasn't bad. I'm enjoying my sweet new shoes (thanks Ber!) and my cute new bag (thanks Baby!). Things are starting to come together. I'm even more sad then usual to see winter coming. Guarenteed it won't be long after the snow flies that you see a blog about my recent escape to warmer climes.


liesel said...

I can completely empathize on the longing for a mac... someday, far, far away, I'll get one too. Looks like you've figured out photoshop pretty well for being a self taught computerphobe!

Shamelessly said...

Last I checked I'm not a computerphobe. As a matter of fact I like them lots. A little too much even. I'm a tutorialphobe more like. LOL. But thanks! I'm working on it!

SuziQ said...

You like the computers, they just don't like you. Just imagine how sad you'll be when you finally get a Mac and that one commits suicide! Tee-hee.

No worries on the pictures and no apologies needed! I know you're busy, busy, busy. I'm so happy we got them done and that we got so many good ones with what you had to work with (meaning US, and specifically Averie! LOL).

liesel said...

Maybe you're just allergic to them.