Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That's why I love her...

Recent conversation between my sister and I as we wait to go through security in the Miami International Airport:

Me: Ugh. I hate security.

Lore: Hey, can the Amish fly? How's that work?

Me: Huh? Since when? No the Amish don't fly.

Lore: Well what's that guy doing?

Me: What?! What guy?

Lore: That one down there in line.

Me: (laughing) You nerd, that's an Orthodox Jew!

Lore: Ohhhhhhh.... yeah.


liesel said...


who has time to keep track of various religious attire?

The Ridgeways said...

lol, isn't it great to have sisters to expose our oh so brilliant moments, lol

Melissa said...

Bahahahahaha! Oh that is SO something I would have said.