Thursday, January 7, 2010

A status update of sorts..

Yes. I am alive.

Yes I am aware that my blog has begun to molder.

Yes I know the smell of decomposition is starting to waft through the links and stink up your own blogs.

HOWEVER---I also know that most of YOU haven't been blogging either and so that might just be your own stink. So step off.

Instead I offer you an invitation to join me in a new year blog sprucing. Its the perfect time. Resolve to blog more often. You know, change your background. Add some pictures. Make the place look nice. Use a little Fabreze---get rid of the smell. I think it will be beneficial to all, don't you? If there's blogs to read I get inspired. If there's reason to check on blogs I have more reason to feel guilt over my own... never underestimate the power of shame. It does wonders.

So I extend this Blog Swiffer to all. Any takers?


liesel said...

eh... I probably should. But I am stubborn enough that I will likely wait a Sufficient Amount of Time so as to NOT be following your orders.

However, I did change my background (and photos) a while ago.. not that I actually posted afterward... but still I did SOMETHING to ward off the putrification.

R and A said...

I posted a new blog right before I read this entry, which was awesome because then I didn't have to feel any guilt!

Lore said...

Can I barrow the swiffer?