Friday, September 5, 2008

boys and their toys

Yesterday Lore, Brittany, and I took Kyle to visit Randy. The idea was that Randy could take the tractor crazy kid on a ride on the back hoe. I was SHOCKED when instead Randy rattled up in a MASSIVE loader.

At first Kyle wasn't sure what to think about this huge loud thing and started to cry. He really didn't want to do anything but get off of it until Randy asked him if he wanted to go for a ride and run us over to which he answered with a prompt, "Yesh".

Off they set on a nearly fifteen minute ride!!

What did we do when left by the side of the curb for that long with nothing but each other for company????

Who else thinks these are hillarious???? What can I say? Severe dorkiness runs in my family.

By the time they got back Kyle was all about the loader. He was dropping the bucket and steering and honking the horn.

Ain't no thing.

He had no sooner gotten off then he was asking to go for another ride. We think he liked it and it was lots of fun for us all to watch.



Laura said...

Tracy, I love the picture of Lore and Brittney's bellies. What a cute shot. Lore needs to put that picture on her blog. It made me laugh so hard.
You're really good.

SuziQ said...

Kyle's just too cute, and how sweet of Randy to do that for him!

And I LOVE the pics of Britt and Lore's bellies, too! Too cute!

Tracy said...

Thanks guys!! Lore told me certain pictures were "disgusting" lol. I don't think they will be on her blog anytime soon!!